The Luxury Homes & LifeStyle Sells Gianfranco Ferrè’s Castle

The Luxury Homes & LifeStyle is proud to announce that they are currently selling The Castle of none other than Gianfranco Ferrè himself. Known and acclaimed for their one-of-a-kind listings of the most lavish properties, The Luxury Homes & LifeStyle expects to close the deal on the Castle, a considerably prized possession.

The Luxury Homes & LifeStyle is recognized for selling homes of famous people, including the mansion of Prince in Marbella, Spain. Their properties come in different price ranges, yet their main strength is their sheer ability to retain simplicity in everything they do.

The Castle of the late Gianfranco Ferrè’s is the most recent addition to their listing. Ferrè, who passed away in June 2007, was a recognized fashion designer and architecture graduate, fondly dubbed as “the architect of fashion” because of his original and well-sculpted designs and academic background.

After years of his death, one of Ferrè’s is available for purchase for those who wish to own a luxurious property and at the same, get a glimpse of the famous designer’s life.

The Castle of 12,000 square meters is located in Lake Maggiore, Italy, with a private park. This prestigious and romantic property sits on a hill that overlooks the lake, bordered by a secular park. The private park has a total area of 12,000 square meters, which surrounds the Castle and shows the formal characteristics of an Italian-style garden. It is developed over some terraces, which is a feature that sets the gardens of villas on this magnificent lake. Balustrades, fountains, terraces, statues, pathways, and steps give the landscape a perfect combination of different perspective views.

The Castle is made up of a total of 3 floors above ground and features a square central tower and asymmetric base with two circular angular turrets. There are two service rooms and wine cellars in the basement. There’s a huge entrance with a central staircase, dining room, kitchen breakfast room, guest bathroom, small lift, and spacious living room. All in all, there are eight bedrooms, four receptions, and four bathrooms.

Gianfranco Ferrè wasn’t just a famous Italian stylist, but also he’s known as the Architect of Fashion for his original attitude and background toward creating unique and exceptional fashion design.


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