M &Y CARE LLC, one of the nation’s leading home care providers, gladly announces that it offers one of a kind home care services that will serve individuals and families throughout the country.

M &Y CARE LLC, a company created with a primary goal to help people maintain a natural lifestyle in the comfort of their home as well as with an aim to keep everyone feeling as independent as possible. M &Y CARE LLC offers quality, medical and non-medical services to the elderly, convalescing, disabled or anyone else who needs help. Care is available on an hourly or around the clock as well as 365 days a year. For people that need care at home, the company can provide the best quality home care possible.

“We recognize the need for companionship with the highest quality, personal care as well as homemaking assistance for individuals with a diversity of requirements. From helping those suffering from devastating injuries and illnesses to senior care to aiding expectant moms, the company is pleased to give solutions to their various conditions by providing expert care.” The company’s representative said.

M &Y CARE LLC have this believe that by offering one of a kind home care services, families looking for in-home care for their loved ones will not have any other options other than to choose a trusted home care provider like M &Y CARE LLC. “We are triumphal to recognize M &Y CARE LLC as a Leader in Excellence when it comes to home care services. We’ve wowed by their commitment to their clients, as well as the top-notch quality of the overall care they provide to their customers. They stand out in the market as undoubtedly the top home care provider.” A satisfied customer said.

Unlike some other home care providers, M &Y CARE LLC does not limit its services to the elderly. Anyone in need of help is eligible, from working patients caring for a disabled child to expectant and new mothers to patients convalescing from surgery or battling illness or disease. They will experience the best home services that cannot be obtained anywhere else.


M &Y CARE LLC was established in 1999 with the vision to become the “home care agency of excellence,” and to create an environment in which the integrity and dignity of each and every individual are respected and maintained. Over the years, one of the company’s most important goals has been to employ competent, professional, and dedicated In-Home Caregivers whose first objective is the care and well-being of its clients. During its more than ten-year history, the company has built a reputation for delivering on that commitment. For further information, please go to http://www.myhomecarellc.com/