Marketing second-hand clothes across the globe

The Belgian company Nouratex has found a healthy market for second-hand clothes on the global market.

The market for second-hand clothes is growing partly because of a growing global population and partly because more and more people don’t want to see their used clothes simply thrown away.

“There’s a lot of altruism in this as well. People no longer need old clothes for a variety of reasons. Rather than just throw them away, they want the clothes to get more use. That’s where we step in,” said Nouratex Founder Saad Massini.

Nouratex receives shipments of clothes from all over, but mostly from Europe. Clothes which can be worn are sorted into one of three grades: AA, No. 1 and No. 2.

AA grade is boutique quality and current fashions. It includes summer and winter clothes. Most of these are sold in the European and Eastern markets. No. 1 and No. 2 grades are sent to Africa. These clothes can show a bit of wear, but not much.

“These grades are best for the African market because they people there have much fewer resources than those in Europe and the Eastern nations. We’re able to ship them and get the clothes distributed for far less than brand new clothes,” Massini said.

Nouratex also takes in clothes that are not suitable for wearing anymore. These are recycled into other products.

“We divert these from landfills and other disposal areas. We turn these into useful items. Recycling is increasingly important and Nouratex is leading the way in finding new uses for old clothes,” Massini said.

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ABOUT NOURATEX – For almost 30 years Nouratex exists and is still active in the recycling of used textiles. Nouratex was founded in 1984 by Mr. Saad Massini. By building long-term and strong partnerships with both suppliers and customers is Nouratex in the past 30 years become an active and important player in the field of textile recycling. For over three generations, we are active in the recycling and revaluation of used clothing, with the headquarters in Lokeren, Belgium.