Merchant Service announces Referral Program for Users and Affiliates

Merchant Service announces its Referral Program where users and affiliates can use to their advantage. Merchant Service’s Referral Programs pays $100 for every business referral. The company has over 30 referral partners, and a majority of these referral partners offer this in full-time. Average affiliate partners refer at least five businesses per day and earn a minimum of $500 every day. Apply your first business referral today!

With the Referral Program of Merchant Service, you can be one of the everyday earners of $1000. They are also providing low cost and high-end credit card processing solution for businesses. If you know, firms that are eligible for your referral do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 373-2107 for your business referrals. You can also visit to fill out and submit the referral form.

At Merchant Service, they pride themselves when it comes to providing excellent customer service. With their Referral Program, they would want to provide and offer you with an existing merchant solution for your businesses, with minimal risk and expense. There is 100% guarantee that the referral program is fast, effective, and most of all, secure. This affiliate program allows you as partners to promote businesses where they can significantly earn for at least, 50% for every referral you make.


This program is the solution for you to submit merchant leads, which aim to deepen loyalty, earn and save money. Regardless of what type of industry, they primarily provide quality services equally. Turning to Merchant Service gives you more support and help the business grow and obtain profits. By just referring businesses or companies to them, you can easily earn $100 day plus giving your business referrals higher chances of improving its brand and market presence.

Users, as well as affiliates, can surely take advantage of this Referral Program because Merchant can strengthen and grow businesses through strategic partnerships. Just give them a call, and you can instantly start profiting today without having any difficulty. Whether your referrals are new to electronic payments or have been processing for many years, the company can definitely offer the best possible processing rates on Credit cards, Debit cards, Gift and Loyalty Cards, Electronic check conversion, Merchant cash advance and business loans, Electronic benefits transfer (EBT), E-Commerce transactions, Mobile payments and Gateway Products with 98% approval rate.

About Merchant Service

Merchant Service is a premiere consolidated payment provider that mainly offers very affordable rates and superior customer support. The company has been one of the leaders in processing payments for years, leveraging the best technologies for its valued clients. They extend excellent payment solutions for all types of payments and processing environments. They deliver secure, flexible and innovative solutions and drives significant growth for clients and affiliates by enabling accessible worldwide commerce. Visit for more information about Merchant Service or call (800) 373-2107. Give your business the advantage to succeed and take one step closer to accepting credit cards.