City, Hong Kong (September 23, 2016) – Michael Andrew Law, a renowned contemporary art artist, announced a public apology to all art journalist in Hong Kong for being the only one Mr Kapoor discussed and took a picture with after they have anxiously awaited the arrival of the world-famous artist, Mr. Kapoor at the Anish Kapoor show opening.


Michael Andrew Law was at Anish Kapoor show opening at Gagosian Gallery on 12 September 2016, While all art journalists were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Mr Kapoor, Michael Andrew Law as a big fan of contemporary art, understands the importance of Mr Kapoor, probably more than anyone else in the room. Assured Mr Kapoor will share a little insight on making art; He boldly approached Mr Kapoor with his artwork. Mr.Kapoor took Michael Andrew Law’s work, taken up almost three minutes of Kapoor’s time out of the 10 minutes he spent on the venue. They discussed the artwork Michael Andrew Law presented to Mr.Kapoor, took some pictures together, and Mr.Kapoor left without further explaining his art to the other art journalists, which is entirely understandable.

“I think Mr.Kapoor liked my art, and I do believe it is why we have that connection right away. because Art does bring people together.” Said Michael Andrew Law. “it leads me as a fan of contemporary art and Mr.Kapoor­My artistic hero together at that moment; that was my happiest moment of this year.” He added. However, Michael Andrew Law feels sorry he took up much time and that no other art journalist could interview Mr.Kapoor before he left. Knowing it cost quite a bit of trouble and anger by the other art writers since they had waited so long for Mr.Kapoor to arrive, He feels responsible for this incidence.

Michael Andrew Law also said. “I cannot guarantee anything like that would not happen again. However I apologise to all art journalist in Hong Kong and art fans who wanted to ask Mr.Kapoor more about his works,  but as he said in most of his speeches and artist talks, he has nothing to say as an artist. Moreover, I think I am the one who understood exactly that. So as a fan of contemporary art, I can offer more insight on art and philosophy of making art to all art journalist in Hong Kong.”

The Kapoor show will still be on until November 5th this year at Gagosian Gallery Hong Kong (7/F Pedder Building, 12 Pedder Street, Central, Hong Kong. Phone Number +852.2151.0555).