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At MicrocapResearch.com we introduce promising, undiscovered small, and microcap stocks to our subscribers before the crowds rush in. We love what we do, and we’re good at it!

Now in the second year of publishing, MicrocapResearch.com is enjoying a rapidly growing subscriber base due to picks with an average return of 128% in 2016*.

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While the small and micro cap stock space can be incredibly rewarding when the right stocks are discovered, it is fraught with red flags such as continuous downward spiraling dilutions, weak management, and insurmountable debt. all situations that investors should avoid.

MicrocapResearch.com is led by a team of private investors with decades of successful investment experience that know what invest in vs. what to avoid, who publish no-nonsense, fact-based articles that get to the investment thesis clearly, quickly, and without and hype.

It is because of the many hours of due diligence studying SEC filings, conversations with management, and research put into each stock pick, combined with detailed knowledge of the small and micro cap stock space, that picks like these are discovered before they are breakout.

Company Name Ticker Closing Price Prior
to Our Report
High Price Following Our Report Return
Dataram DRAM $1.56 $2.47 58.3%
Cemtrex  CETX  $2.26 $6.17 173%
American Brewing Company  ABRW  .40 $1.96 390%
BioSig Technologies  BSGM  $1.29  $2.20  70.5%
Oasmia Pharmaceutical  OASM  $2.96  $5.25 77.3%

At MicrocapResearch.com, we look for:

  1. Quality and depth of management
  2. Product or service that competitively addresses an unserved or underserved market
  3. Financial means to implement the business plan without near-term share dilution to investors

Additionally, we look at revenue growth, market trends, barriers to entry, competitive strengths and weaknesses, product or service differentiation, alliances, customers, partners, legal action, intellectual property, and more.

Finally, we specifically target companies that are believed to have positive, near-term events which are likely to drive share prices higher on increasing volume.

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*Returns calculated from the closing price on a date before our report to high price following our report.

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Please remember that investing in stocks always carries risk, and you could lose some or all of your money.