MidiaMobi content marketing platform is launched and help agencies to optimize 200 client campaigns

The volume of files and e-mails exchanged by marketing teams and agencies is huge among briefing, preparation, approval and posting.

To organize all these steps into a single platform and speed up to 50% effort. MidiaMobi, a content marketing platform has just been launched.

Working on the segment of the agencies, the professionals log in into  the system, choose a project and select the content, including text, video and image – that will be directed to Facebook or Twitter. For example, at the same time the account coordinator shares with the staff assigned to the work which can interact with comments and changes. When the content is ready people can easily share with clients that will approve or reprove with a single click, taking alway a lot of emails and spreadsheets.

“When the customer approves, it is done the automatic scheduling of publication and everyone can follow the calendar at what stage is the creation of the material “says Martius Haberfeld, one of the MidiaMobi founders. The platform also provides tools to save relevant feeds enabling follow the content of the competitors.

The Agency Ginga already tried a few years ago for a solution that could streamline your job and increase productivity. “We found a platform for approval, but all the scheduling was done with another tool. MidiaMobi was able to solve this problem and both internal staff and customers liked a lot of technology for its usability, “says Rafael Wanaga, social media coordinator of Ginga.


To Wanaga, the solution decreased the constant exchange of messages and spreadsheets among all professionals involved which sometimes got lost in the middle of so much information. “We increased our productivity by 50% because the tool brings all these resources in one place,” he explains. Today, the agency serves clients such as Telefonica which already make use of MidiaMobi.

The idea of creating the platform was born from Martius experience and his partner Joao Gonzalez in the development of software’s for agencies in digital campaigns. Realizing the niche social media was growing and closely observe the problems faced by the sector in terms of technology, the entrepreneurs decided to invest in create a solution to automate the workflow of production and approval of content on social media.

Launched in November 2015. Currently, MidiaMobi is already used by 15 agencies which totals about 200 clients served by the platform. “The goal is to end the year with 100 agencies using the system,” adds Martius.

About MidiaMobi

A Content Marketing Platform for digital agencies and brands. Launched in late 2015, the technology focus to increase productivity, reduce costs and connect marketing teams at all stages of production of content for social media from the briefing to publish. Created by entrepreneurs Martius Haberfeld and Joao Gonzalez. www.midia.mobi