Producer Vignesh Sharma of oxiigen motion pictures is set to Make Bollywood History

Mumbai, INDIA, OCT 30, 2016 – When the world is in peril, many are called upon to save the day. Everyone is familiar with the stories. If asked most could tell about the likes of Kal-El who came down from the planet Krypton to right wrongs under the disguise of Superman. Or the tales of billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne, who travels the night dressed in a bat suit fighting criminal syndicates taking over Gotham City known as Batman. Often these heroes who feel the call to fight crime and take back their cities all have one thing in common – United States citizenship. Many are called, but few are chosen, and now a new superhero is about to rise and take his place as the chosen. His name – MAHAM!


Unlike the previously mentioned superheroes, Maham has been chosen by Lord SHIVA to assume his duties and save the world. Born and raised in the nation of India, the film will contain no mythological elements and will take place entirely in contemporary world settings. While many might expect a high established lead actor from Bollywood industry but, all of these extraordinary leading men are a package the public is already familiar with and full of pre-conceived expectations based on past work. In helping this film to capture contemporary public interest, long time business man and first-time producer Vignesh Sharma have an exciting and invigorating new face to introduce to the world through this role. Additionally, the film will be shot in London, Goa, and Delhi as well as being filmed in the Hindi and English languages.

Sharma, a successful businessman and now founder of Bollywood’s newly minted Oxyiigen Motion Pictures is offering a product on a level with any Hollywood hero.
“We all know that every Big Hollywood movie and franchise series gets their visual effects (Post production) done in India,” states Sharma, “including Life of Pi and Game of Thrones. So, why can’t we make a movie of Hollywood standards?” Maham will be of those Hollywood standards, and we will make sure this movie and character “Maham” will travel to Hollywood.

Many Big names from the Bollywood industry are associated with this project. The Cast and crew announcements will be revealed later in a grand way. Pre-production of the movie is going on, and the first look of Maham, and a Teaser will be released in 2 months time. For regular updates stay tuned at