MyBand Inc. Announces Exciting Release of MyBand Elite Smartphone Armband in Three Different Sizes for Apple and Android Devices

People with athletic interests often face issues when it comes to their smartphones getting in the way of their training.  Stepping up to offer an innovative solution in this area is MyBand Inc., with their recently launched MyBand Elite, a high-quality armband in three sizes, designed to hold all of the major smartphones while exercising, running or doing another hand free activity.

In today’s age, there’s no doubt the smartphone is many people’s constant companion.  Even when exercising most people prefer not to leave their smartphones in gym lockers or cars, for any number of excellent reasons.  Fortunately, thanks to the new company MyBand Inc., an alternative option exists.  MyBand recently announced the release of the MyBand Elite series, superior quality forearm armbands in three different sizes that combined hold secure nearly every major smartphone safely and securely.  Yes, the iPhone armband and Galaxy armband are now a reality, in designs that are so reliable they are frequently used as an armband for running without having to leave the smartphone behind.  Smartphone owners have responded to the news with enthusiasm.


“MyBand is the most comfortable and fully functional armband on the market,”  commented a spokesperson from the company.   “Made from knitted material for your ultimate comfort, MyBand is an ideal product for the multi-tasker on the go.”

According to the company, their breakthrough decision to create a forearm smartphone armband is much more functional than competing outfits who went with the less imaginative upper armbands.  Not only is using a smartphone in a forearm band much more straightforward and comfortable, but it also allows any number of activities to be performed without getting in the way.  Some of the most popular include:  lifting weights, doing calisthenics, using the armband for running or walking, playing outdoors with the family dog, cutting wood,  playing catch, reading and even something as simple as hands-free talking.  The number of activities the MyBand Elite Armband can help make easier is nearly endless.

The quality of the iPhone armband and Galaxy armband itself is extremely high.  Not just an armband smartphone case, a zipper pocket is also featured allowing house or car key, identification, credit card or another small item also to be comfortably carried in a waterproof pocket.  Runners especially appreciate this feature, along with the fact the armband features reflective striping for added safety at night.

The MyBand Elite comes in three models: #1 MyBand Elite for iPhone SE or any other similar sized phones, #2 MyBand Elite for iPhone 6S or any other similar sized phones and #3 MyBand Elite for iPhone 6S Plus or any other similar sized phones.  Also, each MyBand Elite is available in two sizes, Small for 5″ to 11″ forearm circumference and size Large for 8″ to 16″ forearm circumference.

Early feedback from customers has been positive across the board.

J.C., recently said in a five-star review, “Win!! The best thing I’ve ever purchased hands down. Thank you, MyBand. Absolute genius. Helps my workouts so much. A million times better than the upper arm bands.”

For more information be sure to visit or contact Andrew Salamone CEO of MyBand Inc. at with any questions or bulk ordering.