New 3D VR headset with the latest Android OS has come

The rise of real virtual reality is on us, and those who are interested in its capabilities are always looking for cutting-edge technology and products.

Irl Electronics is finishing its latest 3D VR headset, high end with A33 ARM Cortex A7 Quad Core Chipset; the Allwinner H8vr Chipset One are in development.  This new headset is an all-inclusive piece and will fill a void among the VR fans across the world.

Irl Electronics has been in business since 2003 and first high-end tablets, digital players and voice recorders OEM, ODM, and OBM.  The Allwinner A33 VR represents the latest in its 3D VR wearable headset line.

The high quality headpiece will feature OEM parts and proprietary ODM EMS solutions, allowing for full performance without sacrificing price.  It is full Wi-Fi capable and will be Ethernet ready.  The headpiece can handle all images and video up to 1080 dpi.  All other features meet or exceed current industry standards.

“This headpiece is designed to be stable, minimize lag and optimize the 3D experience for the user.  We have wasted no expense on its development and research.  It will show in the final product and will rival the best of the best from SONY Playstation VR and Oculus” said Eric Heng, Sales Director of Irl Electronics.

The headpiece is made of high density plastic and will be molded for the contours of virtually any face.  Fully adjustable straps will be standard and designed for long term wear.  Battery life will be approximately four hours.

The headset is only one of the many products available from Irl Electronics.  Additional information, including information about other products, is available at the website.  Visit