With the launch of its debut trailer, Indie filmmaker and actor Shahzel Syed’s ‘Combativo’ gains fan following from across the globe.

Islamabad (Nov 18 – 2016) The debut trailer for the indie action movie ‘Combativo’ has just been launched on the internet. The trailer has stirred a craze on social media among movie fans globally and is garnering attention as the movies is an exciting and intense action thriller filled with strong entertainment appeal for action fans around the world. The most surprising fact being that the film is coming out of a country that was never known Internationally for making an action film and is also not known in the global film realm instead the place has always been in the news for one crisis or the other.

” I am excited to see the launch of the trailer, It has been a long and tough journey making this movie, and I have put my blood and sweat in bringing this dream project to life, and now by God’s grace I have achieved this and I hope that the viewers around the world would like my work,” said Shahzel Syed the filmmaker and lead actor for whom action movies are an absolute passion. This movie is also his cinema directorial venture and also his debut as the first action hero from Pakistan to come on the global film scene.


Combativo’s story happens in the backdrop of a dark South Asia riddled with anarchy, crime, and terror. Commando Ahmad Ali, the central character of the film, is a highly skilled operative of an anti-terrorist force who undergoes on a personal mission to eliminate the most powerful terrorist mafia in his country.

The movie has realistic action sequences that required skill and large budget and to accomplish all that independently, and that too in Pakistan was a great challenge for the filmmaker since there is no traditional film industry in the country and no support for filmmakers from any institution. And an environment of discouragement exists for the creative people as the country has a myriad of problems just to name a few like a power outage, lack of necessary facilities, rampant political corruption, human rights violations and the most important thing terrorism.

Shahzel who had been working as an actor, director and producer in Pakistan since 2003 never got fit into the typical Pakistani style of productions and always had a strong desire of making an action movie the way he visualized and wanted it to be. Hence he produced this film entirely on his own but before the culmination of his vision it took him years of hard struggle with tremendous challenges as he started first by establishing an independent production company under the name ‘Shah Productions’ back in 2009 and started doing diversified production work to first gather enough finance so to be able to make an action film independently. He also participated in the Cannes film market in 2015, The Berlin film market this year in February and then Cannes film market again this year in May where he introduced the film’s concept and started to gain experience in the International film business.

Shahzel Syed now 35 is a multi-talented personality, Apart from being an actor and a filmmaker he is a great fitness enthusiast and has had gone through years of hard physical training, Bodybuilding and martial arts training to prepare himself for the sake of his passion for action.
The film Combativo was shot on locations in Pakistan. The filmmaker assembled a talented team of stuntmen, Fighters and actors for this project. A stunning location of a large medieval Islamic fort has been used to film the movie’s climax action sequence. The music has been composed by a very talented American composer Aaron Latina.

The movie is all about entertainment for the moviegoers around the world and is poised to become a new action movie franchise. Initial promotion of Combativo is going on while it will be going under various distribution deals for world territories and people can expect to see it on screens soon.

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