New-age One-Knife Wonder by Vie Belles seeking crowdfund support at Kickstarter

Top Vancouver-based cookware manufacturer Vie Belles has launched crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in support of its new-age chef knife Vie Belles Chef Knife that assures supreme sharpness and comfortable grip for all hands

Leading Canadian cookware manufacturer Vie Belles has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter seeking support for its new-age chef knife Vie Belles Chef Knife. Backed by Unique Food Sward technology, the blade speaks of supreme sharpness and assures to upgrade an entire kitchen single-handedly.

The breakthrough chef’s knife has passed all the major tests with flying colors, including EN ISO 8442-5 ICP & CER test, corrosion test, and LFGB test. UK’s leading Catra test agent has reported the knife to be way sharper compared to top knives of the world.

“We present to you the best chef knife that can upgrade your whole kitchen with elan. Our one-knife wonder sports a brilliant ensemble of superior technology, design & craftsmanship that assure the ideal solution which every chef is looking for out there. We explored several prototypes to come finally up with a convenient design that can guarantee the best grip and ultimate comfort for all hands. To assure real sharpness, our team here has experimented with a broad range of blade shapes & high-carbon steels till we found our right match. But such a new-age concept calls for robust financial backup and hence the crowdfunding campaign- your support would be much appreciated”, stated a leading spokesperson from Vie Belles.


The Vie Belles team has spent the last three years in various factories across Germany, Turkey, Brazil, China and Japan to find best possible material for the knife. The unique shape of the knife handle has proven to be handy for any user, including both right & left handed users, irrespective of hand size. Premier German-hard stainless steel has been used for the knife blade to assure lasting durability and extreme sharpness.

The crowdfunding campaign is geared to gather around 25,000 CAD on August 1, 2016, which would be utilized for the raw materials and an initial production run of the Vie Belles Chef Knife.

“Our exclusive chef’s knife has been heavily tested & refined at every step to ensure superior customer satisfaction. You have a wonderfully balanced grip here coupled with unique, attractive polishing. We have taken to 15-degree blade angle for premium sharpness, and the knife’s 50/50 symmetrical grind makes it convenient for both left & right-hand users. The additional finger guard makes it safe to use. Finally, it’s dishwasher safe.”

A great lot of awesome perks are waiting for the donators. These include exclusive backer-only updates about the new-age knife, opportunity to have the donator’s name listed on the Vie Belles website, free special towel and Vie Belles Chef Knife at discounted prices. A donation of 79 CAD & 109 CAD will have the Vie Belles Chef Knife at 60% and 30% discounts respectively. Donations reaching 199 CAD and 290 CAD would be honored with two sets and three sets of the Vie Belles Chef Knife respectively.

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