New app, Sfera, promises to be a business card killer

A new app from Cristian SFERA has the promise to kill business cards because it stores so much more information in smartphones.

For many years, business cards were a vital part of business. A card served as an introduction. Then, it was a reminder of who the person was and what services they offered. Unfortunately, the business card was also extremely limited in how much information it could provide. While one card didn’t amount to much, 100 cards was a lot to manage.


SFERA is changing that. With a click, you can send all your contact information and other information you need to share with a potential client or customer. They can store all that on their smartphone, which means they have the information any time they need it.

”It works the other way too. You can store vendor information on your smartphone. You don’t have to haul around a stack of business cards. You don’t have to depend on your memory to keep up with everything you need to have,” said Cristian.

It’s also a one-time purchase, unlike business cards that need to be bought time and time again.

“You can immediately update your SFERA information too. On you print business cards, they are done. With SFERA, you can customize the information you send to other contacts. Give them the information they need,” Cristian said. “If something changes, you change it immediately. You don’t have to wait for new cards to be printed.”

SFERA allows you to send, or receive, up to 5MB of information in a text message.

“Send your contact information, a picture of yourself and important files,” Cristian said.

For more information about SFERA app visit To get the app, visit GooglePlay.