Toronto, CA –, a brand-new, free law guidance website dedicated to connecting everyday people with law professionals, officially launched their online platform this week. Designed to be an easy-to-use and interactive law forum for bringing people with law questions into contact with lawyers, paralegals and experienced users, the new platform is officially open for business and completely free, with no commercial or Google Ads.

“I wanted to create a law-based virtual community forum for bringing people in contact with fact-based legal guidance for their problems,” said Dov Markowich, Founder of “I have over 30 friends who are lawyers and paralegals and I figured why not give everyday people a chance to find the answers they’re looking for in regards to the law.”

Traction on the forum is already starting to pick up as both people with questions, and those educated with the answers, are seeing the benefits from using the site. Everyday people will now receive law guidance they would have otherwise had to pay for, and lawyers and paralegals have a channel to locate potential new clients based on their law conundrum.

“There is something for both the people with questions and the people with answers on,” said Dov Markowich. “It’s important that I reiterate this is a law guidance platform, not a law advice platform. If a situation arose in which a poster clearly needed the legal services and advice of a lawyer, they can arrange to hire and work as a client with that lawyer off the site. In the meantime, check out this free law-based platform the next time you get a parking ticket, and pop in the help answer other questions you might already know the answer to.”

No commission or monetary gain will be received from this free platform. It is solely devoted to bringing people into contact with one another to solve law questions and concerns.

For more information, or to partake in this new, revolutionary law-based discussion exchange, visit: