New Kickstarter project features the villainous Drumpf the mean Pumpkin.

All the recent talk of walls inspired this new Illustrated Children’s Book that teaches love, hope, and courage.

(April 27, 2016, Chicago).  The Waiting Wall uses beautiful illustrations to captivate children with an adventure story that encourages bravery and tolerance.  The book is exciting and sometimes funny and it happens to support the values that we teach our children every day at home, in places of worship and in our community.

The wall in the story is comprised of beautiful pebbles that are cursed by Drumpf the Pumpkin.  But there is a secret in the wall and two children, Nadia and Eli, find themselves in the position to help those cursed by Drumpf.

The story is intended to be shared by parents with their children as a read to me a book.  Funny character voices are easy for all readers of the book to create with ‘performance instructions’ included.  Kids giggle with delight over the cute sounds their parents or guardians make when reading the book.  A lullaby that plays prominently in the story is also available as part of the project.  The song is based on the classic Aesop fable of the mighty lion and wee mouse and has a calming bedtime effect on children.


“Walls are easy to create but they can be very dangerous,” Aaron Treske, the illustrator, and creator for the book states.  “Societal bridges are much harder to construct but they create more lasting fellowship and are the road to human progress.  As teachers shouldn’t we encourage our children to do the right thing even if it is more difficult to do?”  Drumpf the Pumpkin is a satirical illustration created by Mr. Treske to callout political leaders that advocate both literal and figurative walls to divide society.

To learn more visit the Kickstarter funding page where you can find examples of the illustrations and updates that include the full-color page spreads of the book as they get added to the project page.