Noridcomm launches QforQuran on Indiegogo

World’s first collaborative Quran reading app

Helsinki, Finland: Reading of Quran has traditionally been a personal endeavor. Muslims usually read it daily or weekly and complete one full recitation at least once a year especially during the holy month of Ramadan. However, with increasingly busy lifestyles we usually don’t have enough time or luxury to read and to spiritually connect with the holy book. Some blame technology for this, however, we at Noridcomm believe that technology can play a vital role in connecting us back to spirituality.

Just like a fitness app reminds you about doing daily exercise, helps you develop habit of doing so and gives out stats on how good are you doing, QforQuran is a fitness app for the soul but with an added community feature to give you the extra boost of motivation & support that you need from family and friends.


QforQuran app is being developed with the focus on following design goals:

  • Habit building
  • Peer-powered positivity & motivation
  • Community reading
  • Reading on the go

A crowdfunding campaign for QforQuran is currently active on Indigogo and is supported by an active Facebook and Twitter campaign. The campaign seeks a goal of $40,000 from crowdfunding for development, testing, multi-language support, distribution & licensing etc. The app is expected to be launched on the Google app store during Ramadan (June/July) 2016.

For more information about QforQuran and its Indigogo campaign along with the perks available to the contributors, please visit the campaign page at

About Your Company: Nordicomm Technologies is a Finnish Limited Liability company established in 2016 with a mission to invent and provide innovative products and services capitalizing on emerging social media trends. QforQuran is one example of our dedication to our values and it captures our vision’s true essence.

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