NSH Products Launches a New Range of Solar Charger Power Banks

Power On – No Matter Where You Are

Many of us have experienced the sinking feeling of a red battery bar on our cell phones half way through the day.

Whether you’re a salesman on the road, a traveler in a foreign airport or just exercising in the great outdoors, none of us want the hassle of finding a power source to charge up. The new range of portable solar chargers from NSH Products takes the worry out of traveling, camping, and hiking by providing a reliable power source for your devices.

NSH Products Launches a New Range of Solar Charger Power Banks

NSH Solar Charger Power Bank.10000mAh

NSH Products Solar Charger Power Banks can be used to charge cell phones, tablets, and wireless headphones on a daily basis. The solar chargers will automatically start and stop charging when the USB device is fully charged; this prevents from overcharging the device.

Additionally, this portable power bank is different from the other power banks as it contains a solar panel to charge itself by the sun. This solar charger is water resistant and equipped with a flashlight which makes it perfect to use during outdoor activities. It easily hooks onto your backpack to charge while you are walking.


  • Water-resistant shock resistant and dust proof solar phone charger, equipped with a compass and 2LED flashlight. Perfect for outside activity as camping travel hiking constructions and many other emergency uses.


  • Dual USB covered by the side: universal 5V/1A and 5V/2.1A outputs are available for most digital devices – 2.1A port for iPad/Tablets, 1A ports for phone/Bluetooth or other 5V USB supported devices. Automatic Smart Identification, more convenient and practical.


  • Made of durable and reliable material ABS+PC+Silicone, power bank come with hanger and compass, easily hang on backpack and hands-free on the go, never worry about losing your way.


  • 2 LED lights can be used as a flashlight with Steady-SOS-Strobe mode. Five pilot indicators show the status of battery charger timely. Green light on when charging by solar, the blue light on when USB charging.


  • External battery charger with a solar panel can recharge by solar or outlet. But please solar should not be used as the primary energy source as it is largely for topping up. It’s subject to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate. Power bank will take a long time to charge with solar.


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