Ohm House Announces Release of Dylan St. John ‘s new R&B/Pop Single “DreamBoat”

Building off the momentum of his live gigs and previous releases Dylan St. John recently dropped his new single “DreamBoat.” Expect dance floors, fans and smart DJ’s to all catch fire in a very fun and exciting way, to this New York pop star on the rise.

April 30th, 2017

New York vocalist and songwriter Dylan St. John is quickly becoming a hot topic of discussion among people who love great, high energy, R&B and pop music. Sure to add to the power, Ohm House recently announced the release of his new single “DreamBoat,” a song infused with the rising star’s signature R&B/pop music style and gave a good look at his lyric writing ability that is winning constant praise from all directions.

“We are thoroughly excited about ‘DreamBoat, really ‘ and we know not only are Dylan’s current fans going to love it, but it is going to win over new fans too,” commented a spokesperson from Ohm House sets the stage in an awesome way for his EP release. The more people who hear Dylan’s songs and have a chance to appreciate his lyric-driven releases the better.”

According to his label the Dylan St. John EP project “Crkd Halo” will debut soon. The artist has over 600,000 streams, shows with Jadakiss, A$AP Ferg, Hi-Rez and Soulection, which has helped to build lots of anticipation over the release, which he and Ohm House promise will not disappoint. Early reviews of “DreamBoat” have been very positive.

Janice C., from a local New York Music blog, recently said in a five-star review, “I love ‘DreamBoat,’ the new single from Dylan St. John. I saw him perform live and was impressed and was looking forward to hearing him in the studio. He did not let me down; this is an excellent song.”

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