One Million Best Companies: the Ultimate Catalog of the Best

A new project is now coming to the market, with a primary goal of creating a massive worldwide catalog of the best companies to provide the best available database for business purposes. The list will include companies that are not in TOP but deserve trust and attention of potential partners and clients.

dailypr-online-doneAlso, it won’t just be a list. The catalog will provide an informative article on each company listed in it. The information in the article will contain the latest news that took place in the company and the most updated description of how the company is doing at the moment.

Then, after the news report about the company has been added to the catalog, it will be popularized via widely known news agencies all over the world, so that all the potential clients and partners can hear about the company and contact it.

As a result, your company will have a very effective way of gaining a good reputation on a global scale, which is an essential factor for every company that has more ambition that being just a local service. Moreover, in today’s world anybody can and does look up a company’s reputation online before making any deals with it. It is equally important for attracting new clients as well as new partners to be well presented online, and it’s even better to have constant advertisement and presence in the digital realm of information.

As a bonus, the first 5000 companies will be introduced to a set of special features in addition to their entry in the catalog.

Being featured in the First 5000 Best Companies allows your company to be presented with:

  • A Corporate Blog. You may add, correct, and update information about your company in a blog-like form that is available for every potential partner or a client via a link.
  • A “Trusted Company” Icon. Your future partners and clients will see a “Trusted Company” sign in the entry dedicated to your company.
  • Free Visit Cards. A digital visit card may include a company logo, any image or a video, the registration country, the year the company was founded, and an active link to the company’s website.
  • 1 Year Membership + 15000 Unique Visitors. Your company will have access to all the special features that will be available, and when 1 Year Membership is over, you still get 15000 unique visitors to your page to gain a high rank in popularity and business effectiveness.
  • Exclusive Advertisement. Being featured in the First 5000 Best Companies provides you with the best options to have an effective advertisement placed in the best worldwide business database.

Being well presented online is a crucial factor for survival and growth in the modern world, and this is where One Million Best Companies project really comes to save the day to interconnect the best with the best.