Online B2B B2C Marketplace Business Available

VuB2B is a new, online classified advertising service that matches a variety of businesses to one another and businesses to customers.  The necessity of online services means that more and more companies are turning to the Internet to reach out to previously unreachable points of contact.  VuB2B’s proprietary portal has the perfect solution for anyone looking to sell, buy in a secure, safe environment.

“Our goal from the beginning was to make this a place for the smoothest of searches, transactions and all done on a secure server, said Batiot Gerant, owner of VuB2B.

VuB2B has categories available for shoppers and buyers to narrow down and search exactly what they are looking for.  Members provide the necessary information and post it.  Companies can post their business information, including years of operation and what, if any, products they are interested in buying.


Members can share information within the site, communicate and even post free information for other members.  A membership ranking system allows users to increase their permissions on the site, up to and including posting a URL link, appearing in the directory and more.

“The membership system is set for the casual users up to those who buy and sell exclusively online.  The top package offers every service we have.  Everyone will have access to customer service and the help desk in case of problems,” said Gerant.

VuB2B is already seen as one of the largest classified advertising services and is always expanding to other parts of the world.  Their secret lies in the search optimization of goods.

Advantages of VuB2B

  • User creation – any buyer or seller can create an account that will track transactions, assign roles and provide feedback for each transaction
  • Notification system – Anytime a member has a deal waiting, a question or inquiry or makes a purchase, they are notified in the system and via registered email;
  • Inexpensive – Posting and selling rivals some of the larger online classified b2b systems;
  • Expansive listing – A catalog of goods and services is tiered into different levels;
  • Networking – Businesses can exchange information with one another and customers
  • Exclusive deals –Merchants can post deals and discounts available under its category on the first page of the site.
  • And much, much more.

Membership opportunities, including buyers and sellers, are currently available.  Pricing options, as well as how to set up can be found on the website.  Go to VuB2B for additional information.


Batiot Sebastien Gerant