Oomo to Launch Kickstarter Campaign for Earbuds with 3D 5-Way Sound

Los Angeles, CA – Jan. 14, 2017 – Aaryan Ramzan, the founder of Oomo, announced that he would launch a Kickstarter campaign on February 14th, 2017 to fund the production of the company’s revolutionary 3D 5.1 Immersive Earbuds. Ramzan believes in giving back, and a percentage of the purchase price of each pair of Oomo earphones will go to provide hearing aids or surgery for the hearing impaired.

“Oomo is close to my heart, not because these incredible earbuds will blow you away, but because they’ll help the hearing impaired with the gift of sound,” said Ramzan.

The innovative earbuds were developed in partnership with renowned acoustic expert, James Lee. The earphones enable listeners to hear sounds from every direction with perfectly balanced sound, eliminating the need for amplifiers and equalizers.

Small in size for ultimate portability, the great 3D surround sound earphones provide a movie theater experience anywhere listeners want to take them. Oomo earphones are engineered with three cavities Acoustic Structure, specially designed speakers, specially designed diaphragm, carefully calibrated to support five channels and 3D audio with no vibration and interference – at a cost that brings a symphony of sound to your mobile device

One of the most annoying facets of watching movies at home is the disparity between dialogue and the musical score. It results in endless rounds of adjustments to compensate for the roller coaster ride of rising, waning and overpowering sounds. The patent-pending surround sound technology provided by Oomo eliminates that problem by providing a new depth and quality of sound for movies and video streaming, gaming, VR gear, and musical compositions.

Created to work with a comprehensive array of devices equipped with a 3.5 sound jack, the five-way audio enables aficionados to improve their game play by knowing exactly which direction sounds are coming from during play. The earphones are equally applicable for use with virtual reality devices.

Oomo will soon launch its Kickstarter campaign to fund production and distribution of the uniquely designed 3D surround sound earbuds destined to revolutionize audio output for listeners on multiple devices and help provide the gift of sound to the hearing impaired. Individuals can visit the company’s website to register to win a pre-launch T-shirt, drone or set of the earphones and receive updates when the Kickstarter project goes live.

About Oomo

Oomo is the creator of the revolutionary five-way surround sound earbuds and founded to bring the world together through the beauty of sound. The company celebrates diversity and is committed to giving back by changing one life at a time through donating a percentage of each purchase for hearing aids or surgery for the hearing impaired.

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Aaryan Ramzan

Oomo Founder

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Website: https://oomosound.com