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Kickstarter to fund pizza stone project

Houston, Texas – Bert Touma is no stranger to pizza making.

“I have been making pizza at home for my family and friends for many years,” said Houston-based Touma. “I have made it my mission to make baking pizza at home comfortable and consistent.”

He invented the Mighty Pizza Oven – a device that converts a standard gas grill into a pizza-baking machine – and successfully funded it through Kickstarter. He subsequently created and marketed the Mighty Pizza Oven.

He’s back, taking his passion for homemade pizza to the next level with the Mighty Pizza Stone.

According to Touma, using an outdoor grill is a far superior cooking method than an indoor oven. It is faster, hotter and doesn’t heat up an already warm home in the summer.


Traditional pizza stones take the grill’s heat and transmit it to the pizza bottom, while much less heat reaches the pizza top and toppings. The result: a burnt or overcooked crust and undercooked toppings. The Mighty Pizza Stone solves this problem thanks to its adjustable heat diffuser made of stainless steel which attached to the Mighty Pizza Stone absorbs heat from your grill’s heat source and transmits it evenly to the pizza stone itself.

The Mighty Pizza allows pizza chefs of all abilities to manage the bottom heat from the gas, charcoal or wood-burning grill so that the baking is right every time.

The Kickstarter project reached its funding goal in an incredible five days with 25 days remaining. It is located at

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