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Los Angeles, CA, USA – May 11, 2017: Be Someone’s Miracle has announced that they are hosting a gala dinner to help the homeless women and children in the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles County.  In Los Angeles County alone, there are more than 14,000 homeless women and children, and the organisation is determined to help them. Organised under the program of ‘Project Flourish’, the fundraiser gala dinner will take place on Thursday, May 25, 2017, at the Altadena Country Club and tickets are now available online.

“Project Flourish is our annual fundraising gala benefiting women and children from transitional homes throughout the San Gabriel Valley community to rebuild their lives.” Said the spokesperson of Be Someone’s Miracle while introducing the fundraiser. “An evening of great speakers, food, music, silent auction and networking to benefit women and their children in transition to flourish, thrive and excel,” she added. According to the organisers, each ticket purchased for the event will significantly contribute in helping people transition out of homelessness.

The motto of this fundraising gala dinner is to rebuild ‘HOPE’. The game will start at 6 PM with a cocktail followed by the dinner at 7. Moreover, there will be inspiring guest speakers and a silent auction as well to raise funds. Every single dollar raised is important to help the unfortunate, and the organisers welcome the free participation from everyone. More information about the homeless is available in this video:

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Two Honoured at West Hartford’s Annual Recognition Ceremony

WEST HARTFORD, CT, May 7 – On Wednesday night, firefighters and police officers honored two men for their dedication and worked last year. Christopher Typer awarded police officer of the year and Robert Howe III named as firefighter of the year.

Robert Howe III is a 40-year-old apparatus operator whose heroism during a four-story apartment fire at 140 Kane Street in March 2016 was honored and recognized as West Hartford’s firefighter of the year.

Howe III’s battalion chief, William Kall, stated that Howe III went into the burning building and carried many residents out to safety. Firefighters responded to the fire where numerous people trapped inside of a building filled with fire and smoke. Responding firefighters stated that one resided jumped off a porch and several people were hanging out their windows calling for help. Crews reported that fire and smoke were visible coming from the building.

Mayor Shari Cantor made a proclamation that Howe III disregarded his safety and deployed an extension ladder without hesitation and rescued two adult occupants from their upper-level balcony by himself.

Two Honoured at West Hartford's  Annual Recognition Ceremony

Kall stated his actions contributed to more than 100 people evaluated from the burning building. Of those 100 people, 18 were rescued by firefighters. Additionally, some of the residents in the building were in wheelchairs and safely recovered.

Howe III, a Tolland resident, has worked for the West Hartford Fire Department for the last 17 years. Howe III was promoted to apparatus operator in July 2012 and used his training to rescue those whose needed recovering from the fire.

Christopher Typer is a 29-year-old police officer who has worked for the West Hartford police since August 2010. Tyler began his career as a member of the patrol division and made his way up to becoming a member of the Community Interaction Team and the Emergency Services Unit. Tyler also served as a field training officer to help graduates from the police academy transition into police work. Gove also stated that Tyler completed an anti-terrorism program in Hartford.

Gove said Typer excels in different areas of police work, including working with kids, excelling in forensics science, do extensive community outreach and have a knack for locating and capturing criminals. Tyler is an ordinary crime fighter who is honest, ethical and goes above board on the job.

Tyler’s supervisors reported that Tyler had developed an excellent rapport with the West Hartford community. Members of the community hold Tyler in esteem due to his honesty and dedication. Tyler has also helped several individuals who were contemplating suicide find the help that they needed.

Gove went on to commend Tyler by saying that Tyler is mature, level-headed and holds himself with poise while making difficult decisions.

Tyler has received three unit citations, including one for a car pursuit in Hartford, an investigation and subsequent apprehension of a home invasion suspect and his work on a homicide investigation. During his career, he has received numerous departmental citations. In 2013, Tyler stopped an automobile. The passenger fled, but Tyler stayed with the driver and recovered a 45 calibre handgun that had its serial number filed off. Tyler and officer Gagnon stopped another car in 2015 and recovered a set of brass knuckles; a loaded 38 calibre revolver and two ounces of marijuana. The driver of the car was a convicted felon who had a lengthy criminal record. Finally, Tyler and Gagnon stopped a car last year and recovered a loaded Colt firearm.

Tyler also received a letter of commendation for helping an unresponsive 73-year-old gentleman who was the father of a West Hartford Police Officer.

The award ceremony hosted by the American Legion Post 96 and the West Hartford Exchange Club.

Contact: Dylan Herlitz
Tel: (407)247-1895

A Young Autistic Man Finds Success and Independence in Meaningful Work – Thanks to Wilson Workforce and Rehabilitation Center in Virginia

Parents, teachers, siblings, friends, the community, and the government – both state and federal, want autistic people to be independent; both financially and personally.  An initial investment in resources and facilitation can produce a lifetime of benefits to individuals with autism.  A working person, regardless of disabilities, isn’t a burden on society.  Quite the contrary, they earn money and pay taxes.  Unfortunately, it is hard to be optimistic because there aren’t many success stories to raise the hopes of those experiencing this challenge.  There isn’t enough recognition for those institutions that are providing these invaluable services.  There is too much attention on limitations and not enough on possibilities.  Many people feel helpless and discouraged.  Let’s look at a success story – successful because of advocate parents, early intervention/facilitation, and utilization of available resources, like Wilson Workforce and Rehab Center!

Listen to the fantastic podcast of a graduate from WWRC, Alexander P. Cullison. His is a success story that should inspire all that are in a similar situation.  Alexander was misdiagnosed when he was a toddler as retarded and remanded to “one size fits all” special education classes until appropriate classroom accommodations could be negotiated.  Few believed he could obtain a standard high school diploma, but he did.  He acted in school plays and participated in Special Olympics basketball.  Teachers, counselors, and his parents worked hard to help him, but none worked so diligently as Alexander plowing through the limiting “Rain Man” stereotype.  Given the opportunity to attend WWRC  ( ),  Alexander lived in a dormitory, away from home, and learned database management.  WWRC also provided a driver’s education course that ultimately resulted in his getting a driver’s license.

Shortly upon graduation (2009), Alexander was hired for a job with CSC (now CSRA).  As a clerk/administrative assistant, he works with client fulfillment related to mail and other related services.  Having worked for almost a decade, driving to his job in the worst traffic in the nation, he is a contributing member of our society.  He works hard, saves for retirement, pays taxes, and travels on vacation whenever he can.

Please listen to his podcast at   Alexander’s website is  You can read about his life story in a short biography, “A Journey of Inches” at Amazon:


Contact: Alex Cullison

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Patent Attorney Rahul Dev Launches New Small Business Program to Grow his IP Consulting Practice

Inventors and small business owners have always found the patent strategy a complicated maze for navigation, and patent attorney Rahul Dev has recently launched an innovative intellectual property creation program to address such needs. Not only this program is cost-effective, but his decade-long experience as patent attorney and technology business lawyer has also proven to be an invaluable asset during the development of this program aimed at innovative companies worldwide.

Rahul Dev, patent attorney, and the corporate lawyer has launched a new small business program, called ITPAS (Ideas to Patents and Strategy), which will seek to expedite the process of creating valuable patents to (or “intending to”) adding value to a company’s intangible assets. The idea is to get global investors and innovative business owners to define the title and ownership of creative business models, which can further be patented across multiple jurisdictions (US, Europe, Asia Pacific), subject to the patent eligibility criteria.

This would mean lesser chances of disputes between Startup CoFounders in cases one or more founders decide to leave the venture midway. ITPAS would create a tool to sidestep the often long and complicated process of defining and claiming intellectual property ownership.

“It is a strategic patent creation program intended to eliminate the friction of the possible conflicts relating to copyright ownership,” explained Patent Attorney Rahul Dev in an interview. “So the typical patent process for small businesses and individual inventors is challenging, exact patent scope and rights of ownership are difficult to identify for both clients and patent lawyers. Customers tend to start out high believing their innovative products will disrupt the market and patent lawyers tend to start out low citing complicated procedure to obtain patent rights, and negotiations can take months instead of weeks.”

Dev further explained, “So what this program does is instead of filing full-fledged patent applications right away, clients are counseled to first define their inventions in a proprietary format provided to them, which is subsequently vetted to determine the most valuable and innovative features. After that, such features are protected by way of an initial level IP protection, including provisional patent applications, copyrights, trademarks and design patents. This helps in saving costs and in certain cases, big contracts and agreements are drafted to ensure protection via trade secret.”

“plans include actively growing the patent consulting portfolio,” Dev said. It is part of the broader efforts to improve the patent consulting practice beyond Asia growing forward and expand the business in the US and Europe.” In past, Rahul Dev has handled multiple issues regarding false defamation on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), and while this isn’t directly related, you can likely bet his experience in getting defamatory content removed promptly by closely communicating with legal cells of tech companies is helping this aggressive new IP creation strategy.


Media contact:

Rahul Dev
Tech Corp Legal


Just over one month ago, the US announced that as a security measure, laptops, tablets, and even mini-tablets would be banned indefinitely from the cabins of 9 non-domestic airlines with direct flights from the Middle East and northern Africa to the US.  In reality, the cabin laptop ban implies one of two things.  Either—disturbingly–that no international flight from anywhere in the US and no domestic flight anywhere is safe from a terrorist bringing a laptop filled with explosives into a passenger cabin or that US protectionism is the ban’s underlying motivation, to hurt international airlines from places like Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and Qatar. I thought that over the last month someone in the US would reverse this wrong decision, but since that has not occurred, I wish to make my disagreement with the decision a matter of public record.

I believe that that the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS’s) cabin laptop ban cannot be based on security considerations alone and has the perverse impact of actually increasing the terrorist threat confronting Americans. 

In fact, the US’s reaction to the danger of a terrorist boarding a flight with a bomb hidden in a laptop or tablet is a startling admission of its inability to keep Americans safe from terrorists. By implementing “extreme vetting” of persons and their carry-ons on all US domestic flights and international flights to the US.

Why?  The U.S. Department of Homeland Security explained its decision as follows: “We have reason to be concerned about attempts by terrorist groups to circumvent aviation security…Implementing additional security measures enhances our ability to mitigate further efforts against the overseas aviation industry.”

But what are these additional security measures? Banning laptops and iPads from cabins, but not from the cargo hold because a laptop bomb is more dangerous in the cabin than it is in the cargo hold? This is an admission by DHS that it believes that no airport’s security measures, whether technological, animal or human, can stop terrorists from boarding flights or from detecting bombs hidden in laptops or tablets.

This admission is especially sharp considering the advanced security in some of the banned airports, which then-candidate Donald Trump praised as “incredible” and first class, in contrast to American airports.  In light of the threat of terrorists with laptop bombs flying to the U.S, and the admission that the U.S. government believes it cannot stop them, why hasn’t the U.S applied the cabin laptop ban to all incoming flights from anywhere in the world and to all domestic flights, just as it applies the now well-known ban on liquids of a certain amount from all flights?

The select ban on laptops is disturbing in a way that the ban on liquids is not.  Because while the cabin laptop ban might keep the millions of passengers who fly to the U.S. from ten select countries safer, it likely increases the risk for tens of millions of other travelers who are traveling from other countries or who board domestic flights in the US.

How so?  If a terrorist is smart enough to build and conceal a bomb in a laptop that cannot be detected by machines, experts or security screening systems, then he is surely smart enough to select one of the 240 airports with direct flights to the US that are not covered by the ban.  In fact, his preference would be to blow up a plane originating from one of these 240 airports to further spread the fear and terror as well as disrupt air travel the world over.

Alternatively, he would simply check-in his laptop filled with undetectable explosives, getting it stored in any plane’s cargo hold.  Then, upon landing and entering the country, he could select a domestic airline on which to carry his explosive-filled laptop or tablet; he could pick any metro or bus, or he could detonate the bomb at any public gathering site. 

Speaking as an American, I am aware of the irony that flights from the ten predominantly Muslim countries with some of the safest and “incredible” airports and hosting some of the world’s best airlines which are affected by the ban will become safer than all US airlines and all flights destined for the US from the 240 airports unaffected by the prohibition, on which American passengers are more likely to be flying.  Those are the airports from which the laptop-bomb threat will then become a reality.  American citizens will not be safer in the air—instead, the risk will be shifted to them.

Indeed, a terrorist group might choose to activate cells in the United States to use laptop bombs on domestic flights or on flights departing from the United States, because after all, the DHS made clear that “[t]here is no impact on domestic flights in the United States or flights departing the United States. Electronic devices will continue to be allowed on all flights originating in the United States.”

It is no surprise, then, that the chief executive of the International Air Transport Association, Alexandre de Juniac, has stated that “[t]he current measures are not an acceptable long-term solution to whatever threat they are trying to mitigate.  Even in the short term, it ‘s hard to understand their effectiveness.”

We can do better than DHS’s select laptop cabin ban.

We should use the wrong decision of this cabin laptop ban as an opportunity to enact a framework for “extreme vetting” (to borrow and adapt a phrase from U.S. President Donald Trump) of passengers and their carry-on luggage to address the real security threat of terrorists with laptop bombs that intelligence services have identified.

Such an approach should aim to a) keep terrorists off planes in the first place and b) screen laptops to ensure that they do not contain explosives.  Passengers who wish to carry laptops on planes would go to newly-created laptop screening lanes at security checkpoints, where they would be interrogated, and their laptops would be examined to make sure they do not contain any explosives.

Of course, in light of the significant flaws in the cabin laptop ban, we might conclude that the ban was motivated not by security concerns, but by economic protectionism.  In that case, our government should call it as it is and not use false claims of a safety hazard as a basis for discriminatory action against individual foreign airlines and airports.

Ronald K. Noble Newspaper

Ronald K. Noble founded RKN Global DWC LLC in Dubai after having served as INTERPOL Secretary General between 2000-2014. Ronald Noble was elected Secretary General three times and became the first official to visit all of INTERPOL’s 190 member countries.

Noble is credited with transforming INTERPOL into a 24/7 global police organization–regularly deploying Incident Response Teams (IRTs) worldwide to confront serious crimes, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters.


Marjam Lindsbro
Dubai, UAE (Dubai does not have a zip code.)
+971 56 949 0777

Ohm House Announces Release of Dylan St. John ‘s new R&B/Pop Single “DreamBoat”

Building off the momentum of his live gigs and previous releases Dylan St. John recently dropped his new single “DreamBoat.” Expect dance floors, fans and smart DJ’s to all catch fire in a very fun and exciting way, to this New York pop star on the rise.

April 30th, 2017

New York vocalist and songwriter Dylan St. John is quickly becoming a hot topic of discussion among people who love great, high energy, R&B and pop music. Sure to add to the power, Ohm House recently announced the release of his new single “DreamBoat,” a song infused with the rising star’s signature R&B/pop music style and gave a good look at his lyric writing ability that is winning constant praise from all directions.

“We are thoroughly excited about ‘DreamBoat, really ‘ and we know not only are Dylan’s current fans going to love it, but it is going to win over new fans too,” commented a spokesperson from Ohm House sets the stage in an awesome way for his EP release. The more people who hear Dylan’s songs and have a chance to appreciate his lyric-driven releases the better.”

According to his label the Dylan St. John EP project “Crkd Halo” will debut soon. The artist has over 600,000 streams, shows with Jadakiss, A$AP Ferg, Hi-Rez and Soulection, which has helped to build lots of anticipation over the release, which he and Ohm House promise will not disappoint. Early reviews of “DreamBoat” have been very positive.

Janice C., from a local New York Music blog, recently said in a five-star review, “I love ‘DreamBoat,’ the new single from Dylan St. John. I saw him perform live and was impressed and was looking forward to hearing him in the studio. He did not let me down; this is an excellent song.”

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Dreamboat download link:


“First Look” compilation trailer included PC and augmented reality projects made by students

APRIL 26, 2017 (LOS ANGELES, CA) – The Univesity of Southern California’s premier video games program USC Games releases its DemoDay: Class of 2017 line up and compilation trailer showcasing this year’s student sets, it was announced today by Tracy Fullerton, the Director of USC Games and Chair of the School of Cinematic Arts’ Interactive Media & Games Division. The annual exhibition will take place on May 10 at the USC School of Cinematic Arts (SCA).

Demo Day “First Look” compilation trailer: (link here)

States Tracy Fullerton: “The games showcased at this year’s Demo Day: Class of 2017 festival is perfect examples of the creativity, skill, and artistry of video game design our students show every year. These games are a message to the video game industry and the public that innovation, teamwork and the next generation of great video game makers are here at USC Games.”

The Demo Day: Class of 2017 list of games includes:

A Slime In Time: An augmented reality, player versus player,  real-time strategy game where a Hololens scans the environment and includes physical obstacles into the game.

Game director: Ian Glow

Chatacylsm:  A game that pits a Twitch streamer against their audience. The Commander played by the streamer tries to protect their city from an attack by a giant monster controlled by the Twitch chat.  Game director: Chris Mooney

From Light: A 2.5D puzzle platformer set on an abandoned tourist planet orbiting a dying sun. Explore the cavernous halls and halcyon caverns of the Glimmerwood Resort using light and photography to puzzle your way to the planet’s core.  Lead Designer: Alejandro Grossman

Second Nature: A co-op platformer that rewards speedrunners for precision and teamwork. Cooperate to rescue an endangered world by restoring vitality to a blight-infected environment.  Game director: Aaron Cheney

Skyshot: A multiplayer sport that combines parkour movement with grappling hooks. Players swing around the arena to pursue the ball, outmaneuver opponents, and score.  Game director: Eu-Aan Liu

Smooth Criminals: a 3D, comedy stealth game set in a cartoon world of animals, where you control a team of thieves on a heist in an art museum.  Game Director: Kyle Vaidyanathan

The Quiet of the Leaves: An introspective 2D adventure game about a father-daughter bonding trip gone awry as they become separated in the deep remote wilderness of the North American Ozarks. Their objective is to find their way back together, physically and emotionally.  Game Director: Ryan Bobell

Demo Day is an exhibition where students have the opportunity to premiere their newest and most innovative games from the 2016-2017 academic year. It is a collaborative effort between the School of Cinematic Arts’ Interactive Media & Games Division and the Viterbi School of Engineering’s Department of Computer Science with participating students from SCA’s Animation, Writing, MA+P, Cinema & Media Studies and Production divisions and from across the USC Campus.


The University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts is one of the leading media schools in the world. Founded in collaboration with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1929 over 87 years ago, the USC School of Cinematic Arts has fueled and mirrored the growth of entertainment as an industry and an art form. The School offers comprehensive programs in directing, producing, writing, cinema and media studies, animation and digital arts, production, interactive media and games, all backed by a broad liberal arts education and taught by leading practitioners in each field. It’s more than 13,000 alumni are among the world’s most distinguished animators, scholars, teachers, writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, sound experts, video game designers, and industry executives. Since 1973 not a year has passed without an alumnus or alumna being nominated for an Academy Award or an Emmy.



BOCA RATON, FL – April 14, 2017 – Yes, it’s true.  In the midst of many shops closing its doors, one entrepreneur is not willing to give up on the retail industry.  That person is David Beinhacker, the owner of a small tennis apparel line called nu sportswear.

“It was a complete accident, ” says David.  While working out of his garage which he explains is not as cool as it sounds, growth was being accomplished, but the lack of space was evident.  So one day he decided that he couldn’t fight it any longer and needed to find an office/warehouse to move the tennis apparel line operation.  While doing so, he stumbled upon a small RETAIL space in a shopping center on St. Andrews Blvd, next to one of the highest grossing malls in America(Town Center Mall of Boca Raton).  He then said to himself “for a few more dollars a month he could have the office space for his tennis line and then use the front of this space and create a full tennis retail store!”  Three weeks later he signed a lease, installed the sign and started working on the creation of Boca’s newest and coolest spot called “tennis inc.”

Tennis players will now have new a place to drop in when looking for tennis racquets, apparel, tennis shoes, stringing services, sports jewelry, and even tennis art. The shop will open in ______ and will cater to a more young tennis clientele of Boca with a modern and “fun vibe.”  With a contemporary, white, silver and lime green look, the store will be a great fit for Boca Raton.

‘tennis inc.’ is a modern tennis shop that will carry the most popular brands from Asics, Wilson, Babolat, Nike, Stella Mccartney Adidas and many of the best selling tennis brands on the market today. The new tennis shop reportedly sports a more “boutique” style, not the typical tennis shop that people are used to.

Additionally, the store will offer a broad range of services that will appeal to the busy professionals.  Free delivery to your office or home and price matching are two of the benefits that ‘tennis inc.’ will provide. Moreover, tennis inc. Has a feature where if they do not have your particular size and style, you can just order them right from the in-store tablet and the product will be shipped within 24 hours at no extra charge.

Finally, one of the unique concepts the store will offer is… The “T-Shirt Wall.” Where customers will have a broad range of practice shirts with fun and cool sayings and images.  They have a social media idea to let customers create their shirts for the wall and send friends to purchase one of the unique creations. The designer will be able to receive points/money on sales of those t-shirts. ‘tennis inc.’ is planning the grand opening party, so make sure to stay tuned!



Company: Tennis inc. of Boca Raton



Phone: (888) 374-4472


Forthcoming location, Rock Out Loud, to debut in early 2018

NEW YORK, April 27, 2017 – Leading Staten Island music school, The Staten Island School of ROCK, today announced the expansion of its brand with the launch of its forthcoming Central New Jersey location. The new music education school, Rock Out Loud, will debut in early 2018.

With its unique hands-on approach and highly skilled professional teaching staff, the new Rock Out Loud location will provide Central New Jersey residents with the same high caliber quality of music education that Staten Island students have enjoyed for 13 years at The Staten Island School of Rock location.

“We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our brand and the forthcoming launch of Rock Out Loud,” says Michael Grande, Founder, and CEO of The Staten Island School of Rock and Rock Out Loud.  “The incredible response we’ve received over the years from The Staten Island School of Rock location has been overwhelming and validated our notion that there is a demand for a high-quality music establishment for kids of all ages,” he added.  “After having succeeded in providing exceptional music education on Staten Island for over a decade, it is our honor to expand our services to the residents of Central New Jersey early next year.

Providing an array of services including an introduction to and development of various musical instruments including piano, guitar, bass and drums, as well as vocal instruction in a state of the art recording studio, the new Rock Out Loud location will serve both adults and children as young as 4.  Featuring private teaching rooms equipped with Pro Tools recording software and a LIVE room where students can get that correct ‘Rock Star’ experience, accompanied with lights and a stage.

About The Staten Island School of ROCK

The Staten Island School of ROCK is a rock and roll music school that teaches students all the facets of musical education.  Music, recording, and performance. Founded by Michael Grande on June 2004,

To learn more the about the company, their teachers, and values, visit their official website here

# # #

Founder: Michael Grande

Company: Staten Island School of ROCK


Olive Kube Announces Launch of Elegant and Functional Pour Over Drip Kettle on

Coffee and herbal tea lovers have an excellent reason to rejoice.  Boutique homeware company Olive Kube continue to impress with their latest release the premium quality Olive Kube Stainless Steel Pour Over Drip Kettle.  Perfect coffee and tea are straight from a beautifully designed piece sure to add to any kitchen’s décor.

April 24, 2017

For real coffee lovers, a pour over drip kettle is an essential part of both the taste and the ritual of preparing their heart-warming drink.  Of course, the same kettle is also appreciated by tea aficionados, who would be hard pressed to make another choice.  Homeware Brand Olive Kube are answering the call for an elegant, functional choice for a first class kitchen in this area, recently celebrating the release of their own Olive Kube Pour Over Drip Kettle on  The kettle features a head turning, stainless steel design equally suited for a classic or a modern kitchen.

“We are very excited to present our new pour over drip kettle,”  commented a spokesperson from Olive Kube.  “This is a piece of kitchenware that embodies our company’s spirit and vision – it looks fantastic, operates just as well and is not over-priced at all.  We think it will meet or exceed even very high expectations.”

According to Olive Kube, they are happy to offer their latest product, like the rest of their catalog, as a risk-free purchase.  If a customer isn’t satisfied, they are glad to give them their money back, in a two year, no hassle warranty.  The classically designed kettle, with delicate gooseneck for the perfect pour, can be used on any kitchen top, gas, ceramic or electric, equally well.  The kettle itself holds 0.9L of liquid, more than enough for the morning’s coffee to be enjoyed.

Early customer reviews have been very positive across the board.

Anthony C. recently said in a five-star review, “Great for coffee or tea.  I use this with a pour over coffee maker with no issues.”

For more information be sure to visit

Press Contact

Theo Edwards

Olive Kube

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