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In Honor of Financial Literacy Month


Jessica Wagner, CPA, CMA recently announced the release date of her first book in the “Family Who Reads Together Stays Together” series: Kevin, the Money Master. 

Kevin, the Money Master, makes learning about personal finance fun for kids.


For Immediate Release

2Many adults have big problems with money management.  Most experts agree this is at least partially the result of poor education about money as children.  The good news is Don’t Stop Publishing, LLC has stepped up to educate kids in this area with the April 15, 2018 marketing release date of author and financial expert Jessica Wagner’s new children’s book Kevin, the Money Master: How a Little Boy Learned to Master Money and How You Can Too.  The new book is aimed at six- to ten-year-old children and will help them learn the basics about managing money.

“I worked in finance and accounting for many years, and after starting a family of my own, I realized how important it is to apply financial knowledge at the household level,” Wagner said.  “This book is written to stimulate proactive money discussions within families and to provide parents with a tool to teach personal finance at an early age so that children can grow into financially literate adults.”

Kevin, the Money Master, tells the story of eight-year-old Kevin, who was irresponsible with his money until he learns the simple (but potentially life-changing) lessons revealed in the book.  Delivered in a fun and engaging way, Wagner opens the door to early financial literacy and will help establish a financial dialogue between children and their parents, grandparents, or other loved ones who read the book with them and take the time to answer questions kids may have about the principles within the story.

Kevin, the Money Master, is a timely release.  In an age of ever-increasing financial debt, giving a child a head start in financial literacy can be one of the greatest gifts. Wagner maximizes children’s engagement by delivering financial lessons in a colorfully illustrated book that is fun for kids to read.  Preparing the next generation for a lifetime of financial stability is a responsibility that should be taken very seriously indeed, and Wagner’s book will help families lay a solid financial foundation.

Families who enjoy the book can look forward to future releases that will highlight other members of Kevin’s family, which will include empowering messages to help educate children and give them an energetic head start in the right direction.

Topics: Children’s Fiction, Personal Finance, Money Management, Life Skills, Fun & Educational

ISBN: 978-1947884007/978-1947884014

Formats: Hardcover/Paperback

Trim: 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm)

Additional: Glossy, Full-Color Bleed Illustrations

Pages: 30 (excluding the cover)

To learn more, be sure to visit https://kevinmoneymaster.com.

Stay part of the conversation on social media at:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/DS_LifeSkills

About Don’t Stop Publishing, LLC

Don’t Stop Publishing, LLC is a publishing company with a mission. Our mission is to strengthen families and prepare children for adulthood. Look out for our “Family Who Reads Together Stays Together” series!

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Las Vegas, NV 89118-2507
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Clever Shave launch with possibly the most useful Father’s Day gift ever?

A new business, Clever Shave has launched with a stated mission of ‘Giving the World a Better Shave’. Clever Shave is an online e-commerce store which will sell newly developed, money saving, shaving strops.

At the center of the Blackpool based Clever Shave business are two unique products, Get Stroppy and The Artisan. Both take the idea of the old-fashioned, Barber’s Shaving Strop and update the concept for the 21st Century. Both products have excellent eco-friendly credentials (using them sees fewer razors thrown into a landfill), and both are animal-friendly and approved by the Vegetarian Society in the UK.

The Get Stroppy made from stitched, hard-wearing DenimXtra with quality faux leather top and tail. The Artisan is rustic and 100% hand-made, using sustainably sourced rubberwood with stitched, hard-wearing DenimXtra and comes complete with a travel bag made from authentic Thai fabric.

Director Ramsay McLellan explains ‘At the heart of Clever Shave is saving money. Our shaving strops remove little rust, dirt and dust and cleverly clean and re-align your razor blades, giving you a better shave and extending the life of your blade, giving you a better shave, day after day.’

Layout 1

Get Stroppy and The Artisan comes in a unique gift box, plus customers get to choose a single Gifting Card and have a personalized message included all listed in the price.

Ramsay continues ‘It’s that time of year when we all start to scratch our heads and wonder what we can get for Father’s Day. Buying something unique, useful and new seems to get harder every year! We think Clever Shave’s shaving strops are gifts that Dads will use every day, will help them stay looking clean cut, will save them money and is great for the environment. Everyone wins!’

Celebrity TV chef and author Dale Pinnock, Get known as the Medicinal Chef, has been testing a prototype Getting Stroppy and comments ‘Get Stroppy works! I have only just replaced my regular razor from two weeks ago, and I’ve been using it daily. You are seriously on to something here!’

Visit www.clevershave.com to find out more

Innovative multi-purpose Headlamp by Luxolite Changes the Game

Luxolite brings a fantastic headlamp with never thought of ideas and features, which could help people in putting them to use in various ways. For years headlamps have been utilized by the workers, hikers and campers to help them out with the visibility in dark passages or terrains. However, the conventional headlamps only perform a single function and sometimes fall short.

Luxolite has reimagined this tool and has brought in real smart features which could help out with some tasks or problems. For instance, if someone is a hiker or camper, headlamp is a must have for making out where one is going during the night; for starters, in order to allow for easy mobility the lamp has to be lightweight which Luxolite has made sure that this lamp is and as a plus, if someone gets lost, the Strobe function allows the rescue teams to find the person easily.

Almost 65% of American households say that their home improvement projects are DIY,  and this is shown in the reviews as many describe it as a perfect tool to work around the house. From what the users have posted, it could very well be inferred that this product has helped people in many different ways. The features and other specs of this product have been very well received by the public and Luxolite have achieved what was the aim of the launch of this product.

Different light intensities which could be adjusted as per the requirements, easy, wearable headband and durability have made it an absolute favorite for public.

Luxolite is a premier U.S. based company, owner and only authorized seller of LuxoLite Headlamps brand. The innovation and nifty ideas are always seen in every product that the firm introduces to the market.


David Mertens

Managing Director, LuxoLite


Virginia-Based Company Launches World’s First Doctor-Recommended Reading Assistance App – “EZ Reader, Digital Reading Glasses”

Hampton, VA: May 20th, 2016, Dity Apps, a tech startup that develops mobile applications and games have released EZ Reader, the world’s first doctor-recommended digital reading glasses. The app, which is now available as a free download for both Android and iPhone devices, assists users with reading the fine print. EZ Reader requires no additional hardware and can remove the need to carry traditional reading glasses or other reading devices.

Noted Ophthalmologist Lindley T. Smith M.D., has called EZ Reader a “truly life-changing piece of technology” and recommends the app as an alternative to over-the-counter reading glasses. With EZ Reader, users can increase focus, clarity and, most importantly, readability of any printed text. Users can also engage a “reading light” feature which turns the bulb in their phone’s camera flash into a consistent light source for their text. This makes tasks like reading a menu in a dim restaurant or a book in bed more convenient.


Hundreds of millions of people around the world purchase new glasses each year and even more struggle with poor or diminishing vision due to eye-strain, illness or age. EZ Reader can now act as a free and easy-to-use alternative to reading glasses, magnifiers or other devices for many of these people.

“The best technology is simple. Technology should feel intuitive and solve real problems. That’s exactly what EZ Reader does” said Dity Apps Co-Founder and CCO Jai Manselle.  “My entire life, I have seen people, my family members included, struggle with reading small text. They hate having to carry a special pair of glasses around. We knew there had to be a better way. So we started creating one. Now, here we are.”


Dity Apps is a technology development company that specializes in mobile app development, website creation, and business software. The company was co-founded by CEO JarMarcus King, a military veteran and government contractor with a successful track record in information technology and logistics. Co-Founder, CCO Jai Manselle is a renowned brand consultant who has previously spearheaded high-profile projects in marketing and technology, including acting as Director for the #1 charting iPhone game Bike Life. Dity Apps is located in Hampton, Virginia and is chaired by former Verizon Mid-Atlantic Vice President B.K. Fulton, a Smithsonian Computerworld Technology Laureates Medal recipient.


IKrema offers USA-made memory foam mattresses with a 10-year warranty and a return policy

A memory foam mattress made in the USA can come with a ten-year warranty and a “no remorse” return policy.

“A lot of people are worried about buying a memory foam mattress. They’ve heard too many negative things. IKrema is taking away that worry,” said company spokesman Bryan Baker. “With the no remorse buyer guarantee, you can buy an iKrema memory foam mattress and have it delivered to your door. If you don’t like it, we’ll take it back. That simple.”

NASA developed memory foam as a way to help cushion astronauts as they went through high G-force acceleration. In the 1990s, attention turned to making a mattress from the material. At first, it was being used for people who needed relief from pressure points and joint pain.

As word of the mattresses spread, other companies tried offering them to the general public.

“It was a lot of hit and miss. Those old mattresses did have some issues. The technology has improved substantially and today’s iKrema memory foam mattress are just fantastic,” Mr. Baker said.

The two biggest complaints – heat and off-gassing, are solved in the irked memory foam mattresses. iKrema mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified, the highest possible certification for memory foam mattresses. To meet the exacting standards of the CertiPUR seal, the manufacturer has to meet off-gassing limits, be ozone-depletion free, heavy metal free and no formaldehyde compounds.

Memory foam mattresses are coming from overseas rarely come together to these standards.

“IKrema’s mattresses are also made in the United States. We believe that matters,” Mr. Baker said.


The company ships direct to a client’s door, eliminating the need to go LA to buy one. IKrema has shipped mattresses in a box all over the United States and into Canada.

The mattress arrives compressed into a box. Open the box and let the mattress expand to its normal size. It’s best to lay it on the frame or surface where it will stay during the unpacking and expansion process.

“We recommend you give the mattress 48 hours to expand completely. But you can sleep on it the day you unpack it,” Me. Baker said.


More and more people are discovering why memory foam mattress deliver the best sleep they’ve had in years.

Dr. Kathy R. Gromer is a sleep specialist with the Minnesota Sleep Institute in Minneapolis. She agrees a memory foam mattress may help people sleep better, especially if they have pain in their points.

Still not sure if a memory foam mattress is a good idea? Read some user reviews at the website. The mattress has a 5-star rating on Amazon.

“You have the decision to make. Do you want to sleep better? Do you want less pain when you get up in the morning? Then take the iKrema memory foam mattress challenge,” Said Mr. Baker ”We’ll give you 101 nights to try it out. Shipping is free.”

For more information about the iKrema memory foam mattress, its benefits, and the various sizes, visit iKrema.com.

WorkZippy helping Startups to manage their Payroll & Benefits Service

Employees are essential resources for any organization, hence aptly called human resources or people success. For startups and small businesses, providing and managing employee payroll & insurance and benefits can be a huge pain. In the early stages of a startup, this responsibility falls into the hands of founders, who either manage the payroll services and benefits themselves or work with a local accountant and insurance brokers. The entire process and volume of work are tedious and very time-consuming – not necessarily providing the value for the time spent by the founders, despite the fact that this whole process is indispensable in ensuring that the employees are happy, healthy and productive. Then to manage all these requirements authors needs to interact with multiple apps.

To disrupt and streamline all the HR requirements, a FinTech startup Workzippy launched its beta version of new Web/ Mobile app in the market this week. The Company is working to change the way that people get paid, simple as that. It does that on both sides of the equation, first by making it super-easy for employers to do payroll and secondly by improving the experience of getting paid for employees, choosing benefits and filing tax returns.

Most Startups and small/medium-sized businesses today don’t have a good system in place for managing payroll, benefits, expenses and tax filing. According to Workzippy founders, the vast majority of the small businesses and startups do it manually or with old-school desktop software which involves a lot of mistakes resulting in delays & fines levied against them for accounting disparities. Workzippy has built a solution where the employer only needs to put in employee information once and then on auto pilot mode it will take care of all recurring payrolls. There are excellent features like payment to vendors, one-time bonuses or hourly wages to employees / contractors, etc. Workzippy enables employers to seamlessly and painlessly setup group health insurance and ancillary benefits for their employees, whether it be medical, dental, etc. The process traditionally takes weeks, requiring co-founders or (unlucky!!) staffers to contact brokers for quotes and manage the tedious enrollment process themselves, which usually involves dozens of follow ups and sorting through stacks of paper forms for each employee. Workzippy will turn this multi-week, paper-filled process into something that can happen in just a few minutes from the comfort of your local browser or app — even the actual signing of those forms.

The company had a key focus in their mind while designing the whole system is to improve the experience for employees. Usually, employees today get their pay direct-deposited into an account and don’t even look at their pay stub – typically because they’re greeted with something that sounds like this:

Many employees don’t understand anything from the payslip, and neither does this solution provide any analysis to them. The company set out to change that and to make the notification that an employee receives about their hourly pay and knowledgeable experience.

The best approach is to provide just a more visual, intelligent and smart way to show the breakdown of an employee’s salary and where all of a person’s money went as part of its email notifications. This is the hardcore analysis of a person’s finances that a user will appreciate and be interested in knowing. By making the payslips easier to understand and by providing a more meaningful analysis, the employees will look forward to receiving their payslips. To add to these excellent essential feature Workzippy has also formulated handy tools for employees to evaluate their expected take home pay with the help “In hand Pay Calculator. This tool pre-determines the expected salary of an employee so as to enable him to calculate and advise him to invest into various tax saving schemes so as to lower his taxes and increase the take home pay.  With Workzippy analytics employee can make smarter decisions for the tax planning.

Now employees can configure their health benefits and select the plan which fits best for their needs rather than compromising and buying their individual plan. WorkZippy provides can excellent dashboard where an employee can see summary & make changes to benefits.

Workzippy is also integrated with Taxzippy, which helps employees to file their individual tax return seamlessly. The whole process of filing taxes takes less than couple of minutes. It’s a haven for the employees as both solutions work for a hand in hand and compliment each other.

The Company is also working on an app for its solution which is expected to be launched later this month. The app is designed to help employees to onboard on companies payroll, view their payslips, uploading their receipts to file expenses and much more.  In next phase app will be designed to help employers to run their entire payroll process from their mobile phones, without having to jump on the desktop to do things like view a payment history, run a new cycle, payslips and receive notifications to remind them of tasks that need completion. Notifications can be set for employees, too, to alert them exactly them a payment has been received.

Henceforth the team is working on a much more intuitive feature and is believed to release very attractive features shortly.

Company Profile:

WorkZippy provides small and medium-sized enterprises, startups with an intuitive, cloud-based payroll, health benefits, expenses and time-tracking applications, etc. The goal is to enable businesses to be more efficient and to make smarter decisions about their people and processes. WorkZippy is fully integrated with TaxZippy, which enables individuals to file their taxes for free of cost.


Jaspal and Jaspreet are the co-founders. We had shared friends since school times which led to an acquaintance during our college days. Jaspreet is involved in the IT sector and has worked with majors companies in Silicon Valley with a focus on scalable products. He has wealth of experience while working with companies like Sapient, Sprint, and many other startups. Jaspal, on the other hand, has been handling Income tax matters since 2006 and was associated with a tax firm backed by highly experienced tax professionals. We were highly focused on our careers and appreciated each other’s work which led to a discussion on possibilities of a joint program.  


The thought leadership has been provided to Workzippy by Atul Garg Ex-SVP HSBC and Head of Asia, who has mentored the co-founders with strategic advice and business development guidance.

He is a professional from a financial background as well and has been a close coach for Jaspal through his professional endeavors over the past many years. When Jaspal decided to co-found and give a face to this idea, he shared it with Atul who provided him support through various stages in guiding the co-founders.

For more information, please visit: http://workzippy.com

Susan Sommer-Luarca Fine Art has announced that artist Susan Sommer-Luarca has created an original painting for the United States Equestrian Team for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Susan is Official Artist of 2015 Triple Crown Winner AMERICAN PHAROAH. Susan has been commissioned to paint for many of the world’s largest sporting events including Official USA Olympic Team Artist for the Beijing and Vancouver Games, NFL Super Bowl XVll Artist and Official PGA Tour Artist.


From her studio, Susan stated, “I am honored to create art for the United States Equestrian Team. As a lifelong horse owner, breeder, and sports enthusiast, I am excited to capture the best of the best in these iconic equestrian events on canvas.”

Bonnie B. Jenkins Executive Director of the U.S. Equestrian Team Foundation stated, “We are most grateful to renowned artist Susan Sommer-Luarca for creating this magnificent painting that captures the excitement and patriotism of our U.S. equestrian team and their quest for gold at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this summer. To learn more, go to www.SSLWORLDWIDE.com

Rishta Bliss Announces Launch of Online Dating Platform for Indians and Other Southeast Asians

Finding the right partner can often be a challenge for Indian and other Southeast Asian men and women, especially those living abroad.  Fortunately, a new service Rishta Bliss has recently announced the grand opening of their online dating platform, bringing together Indian and Southeast Asian men and women interested in dating and matrimony.

When it’s time to date or to find a potential partner a person from the Southeast Asian community often faces significant challenges, especially if they are living outside of their native country or region.  Stepping up to help relieve this stress and deliver a new resource that can contribute to making connecting with suitable partners easy and fun, is the new online dating and matrimony site, Rishta Bliss.  Rishta Bliss, who recently announced their launch, has been greeted with a very enthusiastic response from the Southeast Asian community excited to have an online dating site focused on their people and needs.


“Rishta Bliss provides people a fun and exciting platform and a global network to find their soul mate,”  commented Mandeep Bahia, founder, and CEO of Rishta Bliss.  “We know the struggles on the search for a suitable match, having gone through it ourselves and want to bring out a modern, user-friendly website and app which allows people to find love and get on with their daily lives.”

Bahia brings to his position of CEO an impressive resume in senior management & finance roles having worked in Banking and Finance for over a decade in London and Melbourne, with extensive experience building successful teams within these organizations.  Combine this with his background as an Indian man & passion for success, and Bahia is uniquely positioned to lead Rishta Bliss.  Bahia shows both enthusiasts for delivering a quality dating and matrimonial resource and a proven skill set in building a team that can perform optimally in even the most competitive of business environments.  Insiders are expecting Rishta Bliss to exceed even the highest expectations.

Profiles featured on the platform are from across the world, allowing searches to be through any number of criteria. Location, religion, and horoscope are some of the most popular choices to filter results.  The result can be time and energy saved and a more attractive and active search for a compatible partner for dating or marriage.

The anticipation surrounding the project is high. The Rishta Bliss website launched 13 April, which is to follow the release of both Google and Apple apps in June 2016 for added user convenience.

For more information be sure to visit http://www.rishtabliss.com.  Please also follow Rishta Bliss on Facebook and Twitter, for the latest news.


New magazine to feature ladies of Instagram

LAS VEGAS – A new lifestyle magazine is due to hit shelves and e-form soon, and it will have a special feature on the “Girls of Instagram.”

BULL Magazine is the perfect magazine for the man of progressive taste but still has a genuine love for beautiful women.

“From the beginning we set out to follow a similar vein as some of the more popular men’s magazines, but we also are looking to blaze our way,” said Rob Peacher, editor in chief of BULL Magazine.

It will be the first of what is to be many special edition BULL Magazines. There will be a strict limit of 20,000 issues in both digital and print versions. Once all are sold, there will be no more issues available. A lucky winner from each copy, digital or print, will receive
$5,000.00. There is no limit to the number or versions as part of the contest. Each copy counts as a single entry.

“This is the first of our specials we are starting. Throughout the magazine are chances for other prizes. We will have a ‘caption this’ game and an Internet hunt to discover the name of a feature model in “Who’s This Chick,” said Peacher, “but we are excited about the prospects of the $5,000.00 in our special editions.”

The next special edition will be out in July and will feature female college athletes.

There is also another special that comes with the magazine, and it is one that will help many people across the world.

“Each issue is $6.99, and this is for digital or print. A portion of each sale will go to benefit cancer research,”added Peacher, “so those who purchase the edition will get a chance to the prize and help a great cause. A real win-win situation.”

Interested individuals should visit the website for additional information on a subscription or to order the special edition. Go to BULL Magazine for more.

New Melody Album Launched featuring top Bollywood Singers

Many top Bollywood singers lend voices in debut album of Pankaj Kumar. It was launched worldwide on 26 music platforms by VIFI Productions in the US


Pankaj Kumar is a renowned singer. He has sung different genre of songs such as hip hop, folk, pop, funky, melody, and trance, ranging from romantic to Ghazal.

In his debut album, you can listen to his solo songs along with duets with Shreya Ghoshal and Alka Yagnik. Pankaj has sung with many leading Bollywood singers, Asha Bhosle, Shreya Ghoshal, Javed Ali, Palak Muchhal, Sadhna Sargam, Shalmali Kholgade, Aishwarya Majumdar, Khushboo Jain and Alka Yagnik. Pankaj Kumar has proved as an all-rounder singer. His first official music video “Dil Ye Deewana” was released in 2015 and is a great hit. Holi Video Song is also published on the occasion of Holi this year. In his releases, the singing style and music genre are quite different from one another. Pankaj Kumar likes to call himself a student of Indian classical music, and he wants to remain a student forever. He just launched one of his album CD on the eve of Maha Kumbh. His songs are released on 26 music platforms.

JGW Announced Devastating Financial Results Casting Doubts On Its Continuing Ability To Pay Structured Settlement Sellers, As Its Settlements Division Continues Downward Trajectory

JGW announced their 2016 First Quarter results yesterday.  JGW lost $35 million in the last three months alone, and it now appears that JGW no longer has enough cash on hand to pay its obligations when due, its stock price dropped 35% in one day. They had given notice from the NY Stock Exchange that it is about to be delisted as a company.  As a result of this, many customers of JGW are becoming very nervous that they may not be able to complete their sale annuity transactions with them and may not get paid when they were due to be paid or at all.

Financial experts have weighed in on this latest difficulty for JGW by rating the stock an overall “sell” outlook. Speculation on the Street is that JGW’s  Structured Settlement, Annuity and Lottery purchasing divisions, the largest of their kind in the US may shut down completely.

The key figures listed in their 2016 First Quarter Results are:

*  Consolidated Revenues decreased by $20.2 million, due mainly to a substantial decline in Structured Settlement Payments Revenue by $42.1 million.

*  Consolidated Net Loss had climbed by $30.1 million, a much bigger loss compared to the same quarter last year when the loss posted at $5.5 million.

*  As of March 31, 2016, their cash reserves were at just $26.5 million. This is much smaller than the $35.1 million Loss and nowhere near the $203.7 million in promises to purchase Structured Settlement, Annuity and Lottery payments they made for the first quarter of 2016.

*  These figures add up to technical insolvency and point to an inability to pay out obligations made to their Structured Settlement, Annuity and Lottery customers.

The economic sector has already reacted to JG Wentworth’s disappointing results.

*  JGW’s 2016 First quarter results demonstrate consistent underperformance in the stock market, and that the company continues to miss investors’ expectations. The latest figures add up to a Loss Per Share of $1.08

*  Financial research firms are now advising investors and other interested parties to lower their expectations on JGW’s future performance. A significant number of companies are even encouraging investors to get rid of their shares with a “sell” rating.

*  Even more troubling is that JGW is aware that they will soon receive notice from the New York Stock Exchange that they are below the NYSE’s standards. JGW responded by assuring the public it is trying to work out an agreement to restructure their business to address the issue.

The possibility of closing up shop in their Structured Settlement branch of operations looks much closer to becoming a reality with important changes that JGW has recently made to restructure the business:

*  Such moves include removing the Peachtree brand by altering their corporate name from JGWPT to officially adopt the much simpler “The JG Wentworth Company” name.

*  With the significant decrease in operating expenses by $9.0 million that they reported, it is safe to conclude that JG Wentworth is proceeding to shrink its Structured Settlement, Annuities and Lotteries purchasing division. The downsizing suggests less resources, expertise and personnel to handle customers that wish to sell their payment streams.

*  They have also recently publicized the actions they’ve taken to move away from Structured Settlement, Annuities and Lottery Purchasing activities by acquiring Weststar Mortgage, Fidelity National and other businesses.

*  These recent events hint at the imminent shutdown of their SS divisions, including their sister company Peachtree Settlement Funding.

Overall indications are hard to ignore.  JGW is becoming an increasingly risky proposition for both investors and customers looking to liquidate their structured settlement, annuity and lottery payment streams for three reasons. They do not have sufficient liquid cash to fulfill these sales transactions; they are consistently underperforming in the stock market and consequently are a source of concern to their investors and the NYSE, and they appear to be winding down their Structured Settlement operations.

Contact Information:

The J.G. Wentworth Company ®
Erik Hartwell, 866-386-3853
VP, Investor Relations

Stock Ticker: NYSE: JGW

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