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In Honor of Financial Literacy Month


Jessica Wagner, CPA, CMA recently announced the release date of her first book in the “Family Who Reads Together Stays Together” series: Kevin, the Money Master. 

Kevin, the Money Master, makes learning about personal finance fun for kids.


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2Many adults have big problems with money management.  Most experts agree this is at least partially the result of poor education about money as children.  The good news is Don’t Stop Publishing, LLC has stepped up to educate kids in this area with the April 15, 2018 marketing release date of author and financial expert Jessica Wagner’s new children’s book Kevin, the Money Master: How a Little Boy Learned to Master Money and How You Can Too.  The new book is aimed at six- to ten-year-old children and will help them learn the basics about managing money.

“I worked in finance and accounting for many years, and after starting a family of my own, I realized how important it is to apply financial knowledge at the household level,” Wagner said.  “This book is written to stimulate proactive money discussions within families and to provide parents with a tool to teach personal finance at an early age so that children can grow into financially literate adults.”

Kevin, the Money Master, tells the story of eight-year-old Kevin, who was irresponsible with his money until he learns the simple (but potentially life-changing) lessons revealed in the book.  Delivered in a fun and engaging way, Wagner opens the door to early financial literacy and will help establish a financial dialogue between children and their parents, grandparents, or other loved ones who read the book with them and take the time to answer questions kids may have about the principles within the story.

Kevin, the Money Master, is a timely release.  In an age of ever-increasing financial debt, giving a child a head start in financial literacy can be one of the greatest gifts. Wagner maximizes children’s engagement by delivering financial lessons in a colorfully illustrated book that is fun for kids to read.  Preparing the next generation for a lifetime of financial stability is a responsibility that should be taken very seriously indeed, and Wagner’s book will help families lay a solid financial foundation.

Families who enjoy the book can look forward to future releases that will highlight other members of Kevin’s family, which will include empowering messages to help educate children and give them an energetic head start in the right direction.

Topics: Children’s Fiction, Personal Finance, Money Management, Life Skills, Fun & Educational

ISBN: 978-1947884007/978-1947884014

Formats: Hardcover/Paperback

Trim: 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm)

Additional: Glossy, Full-Color Bleed Illustrations

Pages: 30 (excluding the cover)

To learn more, be sure to visit https://kevinmoneymaster.com.

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