Panacea Biomed, LLC, Issues Consumer Advisory About Unrelated Arthritis, Bone Cancer Product

Mexican-based Riger Naturals S.A. has relabeled Reumofan Plus as “WOW”, triggering a response from Panacea Biomed, LLC

SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA, MARCH 19, 2016 – Panacea Biomed, LLC, has issued a consumer advisory for customers who have purchased or who will be buying the company’s brain and sympathetic nervous system supplement known as WOW Factor.

Consumers are warned to inspect carefully bottle labels. Any bottle with “Riger Naturals S.A.” on the bottom should be thrown away. Riger Naturals S.A. recently relabeled one of their supplements, Reumofan Plus, as “WOW”. This supplement has been marketed as arthritis and bone cancer treatment, and it has been on the FDA’s radar. Consumers are advised that if they are looking for WOW Factor, which is a Neurobiochemical supplement, the best place to find it is at founder Alicia Kali’s website.

Panacea Biomed, LLC, reports that they have received threats and hWOW_single_bottleave been the target of harassment as confused consumers have seen the FDA bulletins warning against Riger Naturals S.A.

“We understand the concern, so we’re issuing an announcement. Alicia Kali’s life’s work, her patent pending product named WOW Factor, was called by its clients and is manufactured and distributed in the United States while ‘WOW’ is from Mexico and has been banned by the FDA. The two are entirely different supplements. Ours is backed by decades of scientific research focused on the creation of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, and it is targeted to empower the brain and sympathetic nervous system simultaneously to cause neurodegeneration. We recommend that consumers do their due diligence by visiting Alicia Kali’s website and reading about what WOW Factor offers. Remember, our website is the best source for authentic WOW Factor,” said Alicia Kali, founder of Panacea Biomed, LLC.

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About Panacea Biomed, LLC

Panacea Biomed, LLC, was founded by Alicia Kali. The company has recently released its WOW Factor formula and was immediately nominated and made Finalist in the CRG Brain Science category.  WOW Factor is the world’s first and finest neurobiochemical supplement.

Special thanks to former NFL Football player Ike Mega Griffin for bringing this to our attention!