Patent Attorney Rahul Dev Launches New Small Business Program to Grow his IP Consulting Practice

Inventors and small business owners have always found the patent strategy a complicated maze for navigation, and patent attorney Rahul Dev has recently launched an innovative intellectual property creation program to address such needs. Not only this program is cost-effective, but his decade-long experience as patent attorney and technology business lawyer has also proven to be an invaluable asset during the development of this program aimed at innovative companies worldwide.

Rahul Dev, patent attorney, and the corporate lawyer has launched a new small business program, called ITPAS (Ideas to Patents and Strategy), which will seek to expedite the process of creating valuable patents to (or “intending to”) adding value to a company’s intangible assets. The idea is to get global investors and innovative business owners to define the title and ownership of creative business models, which can further be patented across multiple jurisdictions (US, Europe, Asia Pacific), subject to the patent eligibility criteria.

This would mean lesser chances of disputes between Startup CoFounders in cases one or more founders decide to leave the venture midway. ITPAS would create a tool to sidestep the often long and complicated process of defining and claiming intellectual property ownership.

“It is a strategic patent creation program intended to eliminate the friction of the possible conflicts relating to copyright ownership,” explained Patent Attorney Rahul Dev in an interview. “So the typical patent process for small businesses and individual inventors is challenging, exact patent scope and rights of ownership are difficult to identify for both clients and patent lawyers. Customers tend to start out high believing their innovative products will disrupt the market and patent lawyers tend to start out low citing complicated procedure to obtain patent rights, and negotiations can take months instead of weeks.”

Dev further explained, “So what this program does is instead of filing full-fledged patent applications right away, clients are counseled to first define their inventions in a proprietary format provided to them, which is subsequently vetted to determine the most valuable and innovative features. After that, such features are protected by way of an initial level IP protection, including provisional patent applications, copyrights, trademarks and design patents. This helps in saving costs and in certain cases, big contracts and agreements are drafted to ensure protection via trade secret.”

“plans include actively growing the patent consulting portfolio,” Dev said. It is part of the broader efforts to improve the patent consulting practice beyond Asia growing forward and expand the business in the US and Europe.” In past, Rahul Dev has handled multiple issues regarding false defamation on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter), and while this isn’t directly related, you can likely bet his experience in getting defamatory content removed promptly by closely communicating with legal cells of tech companies is helping this aggressive new IP creation strategy.


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