Alex Stonkus – CEO of Pool and Spa Enclosures LLC was a guest on Home Talk USA on Michael’s King show. They discussed all things pool, spa and patio enclosure related.

As Alex say: “Swimming is a decent physical activity. Since it gives an overall workout to your extremities, you can keep yourself fit and fine by swimming every day. If you are sufficiently fortunate to have a private swimming pool in your patio, you must expect to boost its utilization. Swimming pool enclosures offer the best method for upgrading the ease of use of your swimming pool.”

By introducing the pool enclosures inside of the borders of your pool you can utilize your pool even on hot summer days when the sun is shining brilliantly up there without worrying that the immediate warmth of the sun will smolder your skin. Similarly, you can utilize your pool on extremely frosty winter days. The swimming pool enclosures would keep chilly winter winds from entering the pool territory and would give you a chance to take a dunk in pool hot water. Pool enclosures let you make utilization of your swimming pool for whatever number days as could reasonably be expected consistently.


Another critical advantage of introducing the swimming pool enclosure is that it promises the greatest wellbeing and security. Pool screen enclosures help prevent any unnecessary accidents. When you put the ring around your pool, you can dispense with the stress that your kids or pets will open the cabinet and will fall unintentionally into the pool. Your pool will entirely protect and secure with a pool screen enclosure.

Swimming pool enclosures – like model Laguna below – save money on support costs as well. Separating the pool and cleaning it on a steady premise requires a great deal. By setting the enclosures, you can undoubtedly stay away from your pool from getting soil and tidy, from getting tree leaves, dead bugs, and different questions and can have a perfect and clean pool constantly.

Swimming pool enclosures are exceptionally robust in catching the warmth of the sun and in keeping the dissipation of water in the morning. Amid winter seasons, you can appreciate warm night swims without utilizing a radiator. Pool screen enclosures can spare your vitality charge impressively.


Beside these down to earth advantages, the swimming pool enclosures likewise improve the excellence of the pool territory. They are accessible in such a variety of diverse styles, materials, and plans that you can add an unmistakable individual style to your pool zone and can without much of a stretch make it the point of convergence of your stylistic home layout.

Pool enclosures are mainly intended to add covering to a pool and open air deck range so space can be delighted in while staying clean from leaves, dust, grass clippings and particularly bugs! In addition to reducing maintenance, pool enclosures protect both you and your patio furniture by reducing exposure to heat and harmful UV rays. As a security measure, they are useful in keeping kids and pets securely outside of pool ranges and have secured mechanism for entryways. There are numerous advantages pool enclosures add to your home, however, in particular, it will add to your property estimation. An incredible screen pool enclosure takes the right plan, and establishment to amplify the capability of the space and upgrade your property. Your deck range can incorporate a multi-story screened confined to encase a swimming pool, spa, outside bbq/kitchen or eating territory and additionally sundecks and porches. By adding an augmentation to the rooftop line, pool enclosures can even change over the space of a little side yard or porch into an expansion of the secured open air living space.


Daniel Lebduska

Marketing Manager