A Real Time Lead Verification Web Service

Verified by Love launches www.verifiedbylove.com

Hamburg, NY – Verified by Love, an online service devoted to verifying email addresses, detecting real names and determining valid phone numbers.

Verified by Love introduce’s a real time multi-layered lead verification system allowing you to verify your existing or incoming data in real time. Verify your leads with an easy to use API, Website Forms (5 Minute Set Up – Free Form Builder), or a CSV file upload verification system. Cut down on spam, time and marketing costs.


Producing lead quality for all types of companies. An example is the mortgage industry. People looking for mortgages often submit data about offers, often providing invalid data. Resulting in a poor lead generation, a company like freeandclear.com by Mike Jensen would rather spend their time contacting verified leads instead of invalid leads like Cristiano Ronaldo at joedaines@gmail.com, 555-345-3458. A valid email address doesn’t mean a lead is ultimately valid, a mismatched name and an invalid phone number produces a high probability of an invalid lead.

Cindy Cervoni of Cheers to Monet, a BYOB paint studio, verifies incoming class sign up’s. “Verifying emails allows us to send alerts about the classes a user signs up for, if there is any delays/changes, we can notify our painters while we have the confidence of knowing our emails are sending to a valid email address.”  also noting  “With a valid phone number, we can contact our painters in case of emergencies” – C. Cervoni

With a low cost, pennies per verification pricing model, consistent database updates, 24/7 support, lead spam reducer, Verified by Love’s multi-layered verification system is worth looking into.


About Verified by Love

A small business with a big heart, owner/developer ran, a personable service with owner contact / support, cut down on lead spamming and increase your marketing campaigns output. Learn more today at www.verifiedbylove.com