Revelation vs. the New World Order: New Book Released

The new book by John Freemantle about the imminent future of America is a non-fiction research study based on historical texts of prophecies received by George Washington and Prophets of the Bible to show where they agree and where they differ. Revelation vs. the New World Order at

John Freemantle illustrates: “Our Founding Fathers have been forewarned about events that will one day come to this nation the United States suddenly and mostly unexpected. These events will change every single aspect of our daily life forever. What we are going to encounter will transform the world as we know it. No event in world history ever had or will have a greater impact on human society since the beginning of history.”

2016 is the year that will set these things in motion with national elections that will have a significant impact on the imminent future of this country. At the same time, international relationships with countries like Russia are under increasing tensions as reported by news networks such as and

John Freemantle fully agrees with these authors in his latest book; he notes that now it is no longer a matter of if, just a question of when. He goes into practical answers of what to do when it happens. It’s a spiritual as well as a practical guide for any reader that agrees with the basic premise that we are either on the way to see the book of Revelation fulfilled in our lifetime, or we will be in the so-called New World Order very soon. Of course, both are related, and the author analyzes the exact relationship of these detailed yet opposing views of our human future.

These issues need to be addressed right now because current tensions between Russia and America are starting to move from the Middle East to Europe and can escalate there at any time, and also in America. And then we no loner can ignore it, everyone alive will have to know what to do spiritually and practically. Many saw it coming – No one is ready.

In One Hour – The Imminent Future of America released June 14, 2016. Available at – Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Apple iBooks.