Ronald K. Noble, Former INTERPOL Secretary General and founder of RKN Global, urges the Dallas Police Department to clear the name of an innocent man wrongly accused of being a suspect in the murder of Dallas police officers.

DALLAS Ð Ronald K. Noble, former Secretary General of INTERPOL, the worldÕs largest international police organization, has released media materials, in the form of an outstanding video and op-ed, highlighting the injustice done to an innocent citizen named Mark Hughes in the wake of the recent shootings of police officers in Dallas, Texas.  Mr. Noble calls on the Dallas Police Department to correct the injustice by clearing the name of Mr. Hughes.

Exactly two months ago, on July 7th, 2016, at the end of a peaceful rally protesting police shootings of unarmed black men in the United States, a sniper opened fire on police officers, killing five officers and wounding nine others.


Police released images and videos of Mark Hughes on social media, labeling him as a suspect in one of the most heinous attacks on police in U.S. history.  Even though he was definitively cleared of any involvement in the shootings and was shown to be innocent, neither the City of Dallas nor the Dallas Police Department has done anything to make his name.  They have remained silent even after those images and videos accusing him of being a suspect went viral and had been viewed by hundreds of thousands, if not millions, worldwide, thereby endangering the life and well-being of Hughes and his family.  Even more egregiously, the Dallas Police Department continues to maintain one of these videos falsely implicating Mark Hughes on its popular Twitter feed.  It has already had over 309,000 views.

ÒIn light of the continuing failure of police to explain Mark HughesÕ name, I have released this video and op-ed examining the case and calling on the Dallas Police Department to take steps to clear the name of Mark Hughes publicly, for 14 yearsÓ explained Mr. Noble. ÒI hope that this public discourse will lead police to correct the injustice done to Mr. Hughes and bring healing to his family and the people of Dallas.Ó

The video can be found here, and the op-ed here.

About Ronald K. Noble

Ronald K. NobleÕs distinguished career in national and international law enforcement spans over 25 years.  He served as Secretary General of INTERPOL, the worldÕs largest international up for the age of 14 (2000-2014) and served as Under Secretary of the US Treasury for Enforcement, with oversight responsibility for the US Secret Service, US Customs Service and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (1993-1996).  He is a former federal prosecutor, and for many years was a tenured law professor at the New York University School of Law.

Noble is well-known for representing police worldwide and for supporting the action of police in confronting acts of terror and other serious forms of crime.  Sometimes this support must take the form of critique:  In that vein, he has produced hard hitting and candid public reports that revealed mistakes and weaknesses in the way that law enforcement agencies under his responsibility discharged their duties. Mr. NobleÕs current efforts in the private sector are devoted to the same goals as his law enforcement service:  the enhancement of public safety and security.


Ronald K. Noble