Screenger Introduces SMS Messaging on Steroids

Individuals and Advertisers find value in the Screenger mobile application. AppUgo creates an innovative communication channel unlike any other.

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: Screenger is an iPhone and Android mobile application developed by AppUgo.  It is the first mobile application to use the ring screen of a cell phone for messaging. Screenger rivals the Google feature, Knock-Knock, which offers a video preview for Hangout calls.  Screenger allows users to set the desired image and caption that will appear on the receiver’s phone. “This application is SMS messaging on steroids,” comments creator and AppUgo founder, Eli Swed. “When the phone rings, a full-screen message appears with image and text, blowing up the receiver.”


Screenger is the first mobile application to allow users to control their contact picture in the phones of others.  That feature is like setting a profile picture on Facebook or LinkedIn.  The selected image will be used on all of the connected platforms used on the cell phone including messages, contact lists, and mail. Users’ privacy is not in jeopardy from using this application because sender and receiver must authorize any changes. Those two parties must have the app installed and be contacts of each other to view each other’s information.  Screenger can offer a whole new media channel as well as untapped screen real estate, which are both ideal for advertisers.

Advertisers, once approved by the contact, have a great opportunity for telemarketing with the Screenger application. Screenger is the first mobile app to allow advertisers to change marketing images remotely, to appear when the phone rings. AppUgo, the developers of Screenger, is an application developing firm based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. The Screenger application has been soft-launched recently with a full launch coming soon.


Eli Swed – Founder


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Tel Aviv, Israel

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