Woman writes about ex: Offers engagement ring as Indiegogo perk

You can own her shattered dreams and support an indie film with diverse cast including transgender actor playing transgender character

Lorraine Portman is a twice-divorced independent filmmaker.  Her current project, “Falling South,” is about a woman who was married very young.  She leaves her husband and embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

Lorraine is raising money to make the film on IndieGoGo.

The husband character is based on both of Lorraine’s ex-husbands.  As a perk,  Lorraine is offering her antique diamond engagement ring.  Her ex-paid $3,800.00 for it, and it can be yours for $3,000.  The diamond is a carat, and the white gold setting has sapphire accents. Her diamond and sapphire band and an antique garnet ring are also up for grabs.


You can own her shattered dreams and help Lorraine make her film.

While big Hollywood may be slow to embrace diversity, this movie, which is being directed by a woman, has hired women into key roles and is casting diverse actors.  Supporting this film supports women filmmakers creating strong roles for various actors.

Marlyn Mason, who was Elvis’ leading lady in “The Trouble with Girls” plays a woman who owns and runs her fernery. The lead is played by Madeline Barr, a recent NYU graduate.

Neil Tyrone Pritchard, Eric T. Miller, and John Byner are also in the cast.

There is a transgender woman character.  Producers are casting a transgender actor to play the role.  Which is also an idea big Hollywood is slow to adopt, continuing to cast men to play transgender women? Nick Adams wrote a recent article in Hollywood Reporter after Matt Bomer was cast to play a transgender woman.

Other perks include unique, beautiful; handmade holiday wreaths and garland.  Grown on the farm that is one of the locations the film will use.

Lorraine is an award-winning filmmaker, playwright, and screenwriter.  She taught Screenwriting at Flagler College for ten years and is offering feedback on screenplays as another perk.  For less than the standard charge for coverage, writers can get extensive notes on their screenplay and solid suggestions for solutions to problems.

Please check out the “Falling South” IndieGoGo: