Seymour Industries LLC announces playback screen recorder for free

Playback Screen Recorder is the best free screen recording app for Android. Record anything that comes across your phone screen in digital sound or without sound. Record yourself playing video games, chatting with a friend, or create your channel on popular video-sharing websites by using the Playback Screen Recorder. No Root Required.

Playback Screen Recorder is free screen recording app which lets user record high definition video recording which also includes digital sound and no recording limits. It also has invisible playback button for starting video, pause and then again recording.

Playback Screen Recorder also best for the creation of tutorial videos, promotional videos, youtube videos, only audio videos as well as chat videos.

With additional options added, 3 second cut off button in the setting menu which is useful for auto-start the video after 3 seconds before user press stop. All playback creation go right to user phone’s media folder.

“What a Great way to share pictures, videos, and audio at the same time,” says user at Google Play “Love being able to narrate and show pics together. Very easy to use.”

It also can share videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Soundcloud, Vine and Snap-Chat.

With complete tutorial section, Playback Screen Recorder free version compatible with Android 5.1 and later is available to download for family and friends by using app share feature, which is available in the setting menu.

To download it at no cost, visit GooglePlay.