Sketch and Win Offers Monthly Prizes for Top Drawings

Why just sketch, when you can sketch and win? For those that love to draw and doodle, Sketch and Win are the perfect way to have fun with your drawings by entering them in a monthly contest where you can sketch — and win! You can submit your drawings on our page at any of your favorite social media sites and be automatically entered to earn a contest with unique monthly prizes.

Sketch and Win are proud to release its first product, our very own nifty and stylish Electric Pencil Sharpener! Manual pencil sharpeners are a thing of the past, and are prone to jag and uneven cuts on your pencil, causing breaks, wasted lead — and frustration. The Sketch and Win Electric Pencil Sharpener guarantees a smooth, even and quick cut every time so that you can get back to your drawings with a finely pointed tip.

As a bonus, Sketch and Win will include a complementary Electric Eraser with every purchase. But that’s just the beginning. Sketch and Win are all about community, and offering all of the pencil-wielding artists out there a place to show off their art and doodles, making it more than just a private hobby!


When you get your Electric Pencil Sharpener from Sketch and Win, you’ll also get access to a 7-day drawing course on our website, absolutely free of charge! Get tips and tricks on the basics of sketching and apply it to your art for a polished new look!

Whether you’re a part-time doodler or a full-time sketcher, Sketch and Win is the perfect way to show off your sketch, win and have fun!

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The Sketch and Win Electric Pencil Sharpener is available through our company site as well as