I Was a Slave: The Plight of a King

There is nothing like freedom. That’s why anytime anyone escapes the rabbit hole, there is a reason to celebrate. But what happens next? Once we exit the rabbit hole, which way do we go? How do we rebuild our communities, and how do we ensure that none of us ever tumble down that hole again?

We need to form real families, educate and protect our young, and begin to build legacies. To do these things, we’ll need to know and understand several concepts: what a real family is; what knowledge is crucial for our young people; and most importantly, what a legacy is and how we can build and pass one on to our family.

I Was a Slave: The Plight of a King, Part II examines:

  • What “transparency” really means.
  • The need for self-transparency within our own community.
  • Identifying the racist in
  • Blaming others for your own failures.
  • Return of the hunter.
  • Targeting the black king.
  • How to identify a true queen.
  • Helping our young transition into responsible young men and women.
  • Feeding our royal community.
  • Much, much more.


Race Cummings is the founder of LinkMeRight Marketing, which specializes in increasing online visibility and promoting the brands of innovative and ambitious professionals; and Dreamer Marketing, which specializes in increasing the online presence of and re-branding of small businesses. He is the author of America: A Race of Victims; and Winning the Game: How to Become a Game Changer. Mr. Cummings resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He welcomes your feedback, and can be reached at RaceCummings@LinkMeRight.net or Facebook.