Los Angeles, CA, (August 1, 2016)

Los Angeles-based Choreographer/Creator/Director Anthony w Johnson has been selected as a featured guest performer by the 2016 World Choreography Awards to present a sneak peak of his latest, most ambitious project to date and as a launch to his new production company, Laughing Man on Fire.

Although Johnson is best known for his work under the banner of his original company, Ballet Magique, which has performed live shows for nearly two decades throughout the country and around the world including a special performance for the President of Panama, this latest incarnation expands far beyond the stage into television, independent feature films and video games.

The 2016 Annual World Choreography Awards is undoubtedly the perfect venue for the debut performance of Laughing Man on Fire as this event attracts the top Hollywood elite in dancing, entertainment, and the performance arts.

With the unbridled support of legendary choreographer Joe Tremaine, and the keen expert guidance of Allen Walls, an incredibly talented and successful choreographer, dancer and producer in his own right, the World Choreography Awards Show has gained significant prominence over the past five years and is expected to be televised and compete with the likes of The Emmy’s, The Grammy’s, The Tony Awards and The Academy Awards as early as 2017.

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Past World Choreography Award (s) recipients of the award, aptly called The “Chrono,” include a “Who’s Who” of notable and legendary choreographers including the likes of Paula Abdul, Kenny Ortega, Mark Ballas, Dennis Hough, Bonnie Story and Chucky Klapow.

When asked why Laughing Man on Fire was selected as a featured guest for the upcoming show Walls said, “ I have always loved and admired Anthony’s [Johnson’s] work and know from prior experience with him that he always delivers and never disappoints.”

As for Johnson, Laughing Man on Fire is yet another reinvention of himself and of his work allowing him to delve into the hidden depths of his creativity by writing profoundly provocative and compelling stories that reach deep into the cavernous corners of the hearts and souls of his viewing audience.

“This is an opportunity for Anthony to explore some of his greatest visions finally through the medium of film and television and no longer be constrained by the confines and limitations presented on a real stage in front of a live audience,” says feature film executive producer Franco Sama of Samaco Films.

Sama, whom has successfully executive produced over twenty successful independent feature films including the classic dark comedy “Guns, Girls & Gambling” starring Gary Oldman and Christian Slater (which he co-produced) is also excited about the recent addition of several of Johnson’s creations to his 2017 film slate including “Expulsion” and “Alexis Collette”.

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The 2016 World Choreography Awards will be held at the Montalban Theater located at 1615 Vine Street in Hollywood, California on Monday, October 24th, 2016.  For more information contact producer Allen Walls at or visit their website at