Solahanpu from Japan offers a campaign on Indiegogo crowd funding

The “Tenuis 2,” with its paraffin coated canvas exterior and the thin plastic interior is just 6mm thick!

It is the next generation of “Tenuis – the thin wallet,” released in February 2016.

Solahanpu diligently worked on various revisions in structure and material to create this model that, while being lighter than its predecessor, has greater capacity. Additionally, it comes with six colors.

Tenuis 2 – The super thin canvas wallet

Solahanpu from Japan offers a campaign on Indiegogo crowd funding


  • Three slots, for a maximum of 9 cards
  • No buttons or zippers
  • Coin case (1.4 times larger than the original model)
  • Double layered bill pockets
  • Triangle lid pocket for small objects such as keys
  • Six colors variations.


Materials: Canvas, Plastic
Coating: Paraffin Wax
Measurements: Width-94mm; Height-104mm; Thickness-6mm
Storage: Cards; Bills; Coins; Keys

A 6mm thin body paraffin wax canvas wallet with high practicality for users.

Solahanpu is a Japanese design studio that designs and produces, bags, wallets, accessories, and other items. Our products are created using superior quality canvas that is coated with a special paraffin wax that creates a leather-like texture.

The concept of Minimalism has been a significant influence on our work, and we specialize in extremely minimalistic items. We believe in practical and beautiful products, and our aim is to design and create goods that feature a solid shape and structure. We hope to share our vision with like-minded people.


“Media release.”

Tenuis 2 achieved 700% of a goal on Japan’s Machi-ya crowd funding campaign !!

Brand name: Solahanpu