START-UP FASHION BRAND Announces Official Launch

Contemporary and Collaborative Artist Led Fashion Brand Kicks Off with Anthony Haden-Guest Collection

ARTSCENE, the international contemporary artist-led brand, which focuses on commissioning ‘wearable art’ – such as printed tees and jewelry – announces the soft-launch of its business. The soft-launch in every major art capital of the world including, but not limited to New York, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Dubai. The brand’s first collaborative collection was commissioned by the artist and creator of the brand, Alexander Charriol. It features work designed by the internationally known art writer and cartoon artist, Anthony Haden-Guest.

ARTSCENE is apparel for the art world, created in mind for artists, or anybody who is interested in opening their minds culturally or connecting with their inner artist. Our tees will create a mobile and ever-changing Artscape, which will delight, surprise, sometimes shock. Each tee and accessory are charged with art and pop culture references. We mean to form attachments, feed into the conversation – and, from time to time, disrupt it.

“I love art, I’ve always been an outsider of the ‘art scene.’ I realized, though, everyone can create their own ‘art scene,’ and has the right and freedom to use a platform,” explains Artscene founder Alexander Charriol. “By wearing the brand, you are making a statement that it is okay to be different, to inspire, and to embrace the extraordinary.

With Artscene, you are a part of an art movement. Embracing art communities from the biggest city lights to the darkest corners of the globe. Artscene sets out to educate and encourage everyone to explore their creative energy and style. “The art world has become a giant ear, but the art media on paper are visibly waning. I hope that Artscene will be both an eye and a voice.” says artist Anthony Haden-Guest.

Founded in 2016, the idea first came to fruition in 2009 when founder Alexander Charriol was reading a German Design magazine. Displayed on a page was a font that read ‘New York Art Scene,’ and an idea snowballed into a brand. Artscene aims to express and transmit everything and anything that art can generate: passion, love, hate, hardships, healing, and extraordinariness. Artscene is for the ever-growing artist community who desire genuine human connection through design.

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