Starter company has new hockey equipment alternative to sock tape

Hockey players and parents know how quickly sock tape can is used and is, therefore, expensive.  Those who play or have children who are playing several times a week, know that everything needs to stay in place throughout the game.  Often, this means buying several roles of the tape during the season every year.

Jeff Bousquet and Brad Alder are long time hockey players and fans.  They spent countless hours on the ice and countless more dollars in the sporting goods stores and pro shops buying sock tape.  “Mostly, I’d buy tape for myself, but often, a lot of the roll would go to teammates who would conveniently be out of tape… again,” said Bousquet.

“It’s a real hassle having to always buy more tape, borrow tape or share tape with others.  This is why we eventually took up the idea ourselves, and we created and patented SH SokStraps®,” said Alder.


SokStraps® are three sets of straps that cover every part of a hockey player’s lower leg.  Each strap set is designed with the key ideals of functionality, durability, and support in mind.  This way, users of SokStraps® do not have to worry about anything moving that isn’t supposed to during the game.

Each strap is attached with a heavy duty, low profile clip, and a high strength Velcro system.  Users can quickly and easily adjust the system to the desired tension on the fly.

SokStraps® also have an added benefit that standard tape cannot offer.  SokStraps® can be customized with a team name and logo.

“The customization portion of the straps is something we decided to do as a part of our Kickstarter campaign.  It will ultimately help us get the project off the ground and running entirely,” said Alder.

Alder is referring to the Kickstarter crowdfunding website.  Crowdfunding offers inventors a chance to get necessary capital for their projects, and those who back the project get an opportunity to earn special deals and products from the project.


“We are not 100 percent ready to launch our Kickstarter campaign, but it is on the way.  We are estimating mid to late November 2016.  We encourage interested hockey players, parents, and coaches, to check out our website in the meantime,” said Bousquet.

SokStraps® is also keen on helping make the world a better place, and they have teamed with the One Tree Planted organization.  Each dollar the organization receives plants one tree somewhere in the world.  SokStraps® will be donating a portion of each sale to this organization.

“This is a win/win for all involved.  Hockey players get some great gear, parents save money, and the earth gets another tree,” said Alder.
SH SokStraps® updates are available on the website.  Visit


Superior Hockey Inc.
Jeff Bousquet. President

Brad Alder CEO