Which states suffer the most from the bed bugs?

The residents of which states are most eager to get rid of the bed bugs? Find the truth about the best bed bug control products and learn the scientific facts.

Why has the bed bug infestation started to gain such speed lately? Public schools are closed for disinfection. Which states suffer most from the bed bugs? Are there any new methods of monitoring and eliminating them?

In the U.S. bed bugs are a problem that can’t be ignored or neglected. These parasites are difficult to remove, and a single bug can provoke an infestation. The issue is especially sharp not only in households but also in public places, especially in public schools as the students often bring bed bugs on their clothes and bags from home. Kindergarten students usually nap, and this napping promotes the mass spread of the parasites.

The situation is complicated by the fact that there exist few bed bugs insecticides that can be used near children. EPA considers the only diatomaceous earth to be the safest. Elementary schools are temporarily closed for disinfection, as it happened in Kentucky and several other states. Savoy Elementary in Southeast Washington where several classes were suspended for three weeks because of the bed bugs is an illustrative example. This is not a unique case, as these pests infest schools more actively with each year and kids bring the bed bugs home.

The Residents of Which States are Most Interested in Bed Bugs? 10 Most Bed Bug Suffering States in the U.S.

Unfortunately, the mentioned Washington case is yet another contribution to the offensive statistics. This city is “the proud” #2 among the top 50 US cities with the worst bed bug problem. The ranking has been made at the end of 2016. Baltimore is the leader, Chicago, New York, Columbus (Ohio), Los Angeles, Detroit, Cincinnati, Philadelphia; San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose is also in the top 10. The cities can vary, but in general, the situation across the country worsens with each year. The specialists claim: “We have more people affected by bed bugs in the United States now than ever before,» They say that no one would have thought ten years ago that bed bugs would become an epidemic.

According to Google Trends, the “bed bugs” query is most searched by the residents of Kentucky. They are followed by the states of Ohio, West Virginia, DC, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, Alaska and South Carolina.

Search activity peaks in summer and each year people become interested in the subject earlier: from the end of June. Why is that so? We all know that bed bugs live and reproduce near humans all year around… First, summer heat contributes to more intensive (in comparison with winter) development and reproduction of the insects. Second, people tend to travel in summer, causing the bed bugs to migrate across the world. You realize that it is relatively easy to bring bed bugs from a trip in your suitcase, don’t you? Together these conditions create the most favorable environment for mass infestations.

Which Is Bed Bug Removal Tactic Most Effective?

Which are bed bug removal products useful today? Stoppestinfo has summarized the methods of getting rid of bed bugs that have been proven effective by the scientists.

One of the best traditional ways of eliminating bed bugs is using a special bed bug mattress protector that will lock parasites at any development stage inside. Being deprived of blood, they will die eventually (the process can take up to a year). Diatomaceous earth (cheap and organic), pyrethroid-based killer sprays and powders will help removed the bed bugs indoors, in the furniture and other secluded spots. The EPA reminds that boric acid or bug bombs won’t be able to remove the bed bugs completely.

Getting rid of the bugs is not easy. If this trouble has come to your house, be prepared to do your best. The IPM Program specialists remind you that it’s best to “combine chemical and nonchemical tactics with increased sanitation and habitat modification practices for removing the bed bugs. Prevention and monitoring of bed bug infestations are paramount and should be ongoing”. Sticky plastic traps are used for that.

Scientific Bed Bug Control Innovations

Do the scientists have anything new to offer, apart from traditional remedies and methods? Not yet. Canadian researchers have been trying to create perfect bed bug pheromone trap bait. The biologist Regine Gries discovered the pheromones after acting as a host for more than a thousand bedbugs during the research, and she endured 180,000 bites from the team’s bug colony. In 2014 the scientists were able to create bait containing synthetic aggregation pheromones that can be used in manufacturing commercial traps, but so far the product hasn’t been launched on the market.

As no revolutionary changes occurred, remember that the bed bug season is about to open, so get ready to take action by the specialists’ advice. Read our Complete Guide to Getting Rid of Bed Bugs: Scientifically Approved Traps, Mattress Protectors, Sprays and Dust to learn more about all the methods of eliminating bed bugs based on scientific research.