From Successful LinkedIn Professional Quality Network Group to QMS Consulting Company – Transforming into Execution

Boston, MA – July 6, 2016 –  Announced a successful launch of a new company, Quality & Regulatory Network LLC, to help FDA-regulated companies consolidate and harmonise their Quality Management System enterprise-wide.

With over 25 years of technical and industry knowledge, the Quality & Regulatory Network focuses on advancing businesses and technology through the constant evaluation of leading trends to help companies progress and succeed through the use of automation.  From strategy to business analysis to implementation, Quality & Regulatory Network creates a thorough plan, quality and technology roadmap and blueprints for enterprise-wide deployments to meets its client needs.

“We provide niche skills combining our knowledge of quality and GxP processes with extensive experience in technology that it allows us to cross the boundaries easily and bring IT and Business closer together for a tangible success in quality projects,” said Nikki Willett, CEO & Founder.

Quality & Regulatory Network started as a professional LinkedIn group for Quality & Regulatory Compliance across all regulated industries in March 2008 and has now grown to over 109,000 members worldwide. The purpose of the professional group was to educate and network and help members understand that what they know today could be used in other industries.


“I never realised when I started the LinkedIn group in 2008 how thirsty the industry was about Quality & Regulatory Compliance,” said Nikki Willett. This networking community of real professionals and global supporters including research analysts, media, education, ex-regulatory agency subject experts, industry experts as well as members of our Vendor community are still fundamental to the approach for Quality & Regulatory Network LLC. “We will continue to network to provide experts to support our client specific needs and will continue education through venues such as Surveys and Benchmarks Reports about aspects of Quality and Technology.”

Quality & Regulatory Network LLC currently is offering a summer promotion – 1:1 Brainstorm n’ Transform, two hours of consulting services for free. This program is the first step for organisations who are struggling to consolidate, standardise and harmonise their quality management process and systems enterprise-wide. Through brainstorming, we come up with gaps and priorities resulting in a high-level strategic view of your transformation roadmap.

About Quality & Regulatory Network LLC

Quality & Compliance LLC are catalysts of positive business change, propelling companies ahead by enabling superior quality maturity and performance. With over 25 years of industry and technology experience, we provide both strategic formulation and management consulting services to help our clients who are struggling to consolidate and standardise their quality management process and systems enterprise-wide. In our constant endeavours to transform businesses to achieve a higher quality maturity, the Quality & Regulatory Network provides a unique view by bringing the right mix of industry, quality process and technology to deliver measurable and sustaining business results. For more information, visit