Super Powder- Doctor formulated from life experiences with diabetes, professional baseball and cancer.

Super Powder, loaded with protein and other essential nutrients, is formulated to provide your daily essential nutrients and workout enhancers within minutes. Athletes and patients require more nutrients to perform and heal and Super Powder delivers them quickly in just on scoop.

Regular intake of Super Powder can be extremely beneficial for individuals who care about their body. Dr. Ed Esposito, a former professional baseball team chiropractor, formulated the product after twenty years of experience in the field says “I formulated Super Powder to provide essential nutrients, protein and workout enhancers in one. Athletes take it pregame for a natural boost in energy, focus, and endurance. Patients have it with breakfast to prevent midday energy crashes, curb appetite and kick start the metabolism to burn fat”.

A six year cancer survivor himself, Dr. Esposito shared “My mother died at a young age as a result of diabetes, she was on dialysis for many year prior to her death. Her suffering  has motivated me to help others with a product that provides protein and essential nutrients in just one scoop.  Super Powder helps stabilize blood sugar, increase focus, energy and improve overall health”.  Athletes have major gains in endurance because Super Powder contains alkaline minerals, which buffers lactic acid buildup while exercising.

There is no need to take multiple pills regularly or read long labels to ensure safety. Super Powder has been tested safe for NCAA and pro-athletes by informed-choice and contains no banned substances.

It is free of dangerous artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose and made without creatine. It is naturally flavored with stevia, monk fruit, cocoa powder, creamy vanilla and chocolate.

It can be prepared easily by adding water, juice, milk or almond milk into a blender or water bottle and shake a few times.  That’s it.  It’s simple, natural, safe, and effective.

Super Powder works in three protocols:

  • Bulk: It adds muscle instead of fat. If taken before the game or workout, to increases energy, focus and muscle mass.
  • Shred: Any health-conscious individual may use Super Powder efficiently to cut down on body fat. Consumption for breakfast, as a meal substitute, or as an evening snack, helps to replace fat with muscle.
  • Perform: Super Powder has been proven to be useful for athletes to play harder, recover faster, prevent fatigue and injuries, and in season muscle break down.

Frank Menechino, current MLB Miami Marlins hitting coach says, “I wish I had Super Powder back when I played. I take it in the morning and it gives me energy all day long while coaching”.

About Super Powder:

Formulated by Dr. Ed Esposito, Super Powder is loaded with whey, pea and milk protein, BCAA, alkaline minerals, wheat grass, digestive enzymes, Vit D3, Vit A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, Calcium, it provides instant energy naturally and helps to replace lost minerals and protein.




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