Tommy Lama’s “Motivational” Comedy Comes to the LA Comedy Club in Las Vegas

“Motivational” speaker, Tommy Lama, brings his unmatched and unorthodox wisdom to the LA Comedy Club where he delivers this original stand-up comedy act to his “disciples” five nights a week. Comedian Tommy Savitt’s alter ego a parody of the motivational and spiritual speakers seeking to give his audience a backward education in enlightenment. The interactive show also brings audience members on stage for unpredictable laughs. Equipped with some instruments, providing innuendo-laden mantras and toting his custom-made underwear for others’ protection when not in his presence. Tommy Lama, the love child of Andrew Dice Clay and Deepak Chopra, brings his new spiritually healing hilarity to the stage Friday through Tuesday beginning December 5th inside the Stratosphere Resort and Casino.

Tommy Savitt, the comedian behind the Tommy Lama, is a multi-award winning comedian with 15 years of performing experience. Originally a lawyer, Tommy Savitt gave up his career in Real Estate Law to pursue stand-up comedy and to act in productions of Shakespeare in New York City. He has performed on the radio on the Bob & Tom Show as well as Blue Collar Radio. He has also been around the world performing for troops. Tommy Savitt’s newest act, the Tommy Lama, has proven a huge hit.

Tommy Lama’s “Motivational” Comedy Comes to the LA Comedy Club in Las Vegas

The Tommy Lama has traveled the globe to comedy clubs and comedy festivals and has earned coveted awards including winner of the Seattle Comedy Competition and Best Comedian at the Boston Comedy Festival, at the Ventura Comedy Festival, and at the LA Comedy Awards. Along with the awards, the unique style of The Tommy Lama has praised by many club owners, festival producers, and other comedians for the act’s fullness and Tommy’s ability to captivate the crowd with his horribly funny advice.

The Tommy Lama can be seen at the LA Comedy Club inside of the Stratosphere Resort and Casino Friday through Tuesday at 10 PM starting December 5th. General admission tickets are $39, with VIP tickets at $59 and VIP with open-bar at $79. Now includes a local ticket option at $10.

Here is a snippet of Tommy’s show:

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