Traffic Monsoon Review

I found myself trying to help my friends and family to make money. I spent years studying how to make money and how to protect it. The problem was that the deals that I wanted to invite people in are considered “risky” and by law, you need to qualify as a “sophisticated” or “accredited” investor to participate. In fact, I am in the process of building another company, but again, only the rich are allowed to take part in it.

It was frustrating. I wanted to help the people that I loved and care about. I wanted to improve their lives by teaching them how to make money work for you instead of working for money. That’s when I decided to search for a vehicle to take an average person, struggling to make ends meet, to the point where they could join in on some of my investments that I created or participated in. Give the average Joe the vehicle to go from point A to B because going from B to C is very easy. Going from nothing to buying an apartment complex is a lot harder than from buying an apartment complex to going into the bigger deals.

So I asked myself how I can find more people to invest in. How can I help people reach their goals and dreams? The search for that vehicle took over nine months. I knew it would have to be something a little unconventional, so I looked into Multilevel Marketing. For those of you that have not heard of this concept, it’s simply stated as a company that has a product or service, and they give a commission to people that sell the products. On top of that, if the person that sells the products and services recruits someone else, they will be paid a percentage of the new hires total volume. It’s allowed some entrepreneurs to make a lot of money in a short period. So I called up my friends who I knew where in some of these multilevel marketing companies to learn about their enterprises and their product and services.

They all looked good, but there was one problem. I wanted to take people that did not learn the sales skills, and leaderships skill required to succeed in multilevel marketing. There had to be a better way. Finally, after months of research, Traffic Monsoon fell on my lap. I received a call from a friend that said they had heard about my quest to find an opportunity to share with people and that yesterday he was shown the most amazing system he had ever seen. Anytime someone says the “most amazing”, “perfect”, “fantastic”, that is when my radar goes up and says “what’s the catch”. Reluctantly approaching the opportunity, the light switch went on. It was multilevel marketing but in a different way. See you didn’t have to recruit people or sell products and services to make money. There were multiple ways to accomplish cash in hand. I was so excited about it that I wanted to share the opportunity to everyone immediately. Instead, I decided to give it a try and make sure that this occasion was rock solid. Let me explain what it is and how you can earn money to move forward in your life.

  1. Adpacks. This is what caught my attention. The company sells ads then they share the revenues on those sales every hour to everyone that has active adpacks for each adpack. These adpacks cost $50, and they only expire once they have generated for you $55. The average life of an adpack is 55 days because the average revenue sharing is $1 per adpack, per day. So a quick example is if you have ten adpacks, you will make $10 per day.As you can imagine, the compounding magic starts when you use your revenue to buy more adpacks thus increasing your daily income. I want to buy adpacks now.
  2. Referrals. Every person you share this opportunity with, you will receive 10% or $5 per adpack they purchase. This is an excellent way to make money if you don’t have any to start with. If you sign ten people, and they each buy one adpack, then you would receive $50 in your account, enough to purchase your first adpack if you did not start with any money.
  3. Cashlinks. Cashlinks are ads that entrepreneurs have purchased to showcase their product and services. Traffic Monsoon pays you to click on each one. The payout ranges from $.001 to $.02. I used this vehicle to increase the speed of repurchasing adpacks.
  4. Referrals. The Cashlinks also have a referral system where you will receive 100% matching bonus on their clicks. Anytime one of your referrals clicks on a Cashlink; you will be paid the same amount. Again the range of the payouts by Cashlinks is from $.001 to $.02.
  5. Free ads. When you buy adpacks, you receive 20 banner clicks and 1,000 ad credits. This means you receive free marketing sources for your other businesses. Let’s say that you are currently in another business; this would be an excellent way to market for free and increase your leads or customers flow to your business. This tool actually, in my opinion, is the most powerful one. When I was initially thinking about starting business, I had already decided a marketing budget. With Traffic Monsoon, you receive a platform to send thousands of potential customers or business partners to your website for free. So I didn’t need the budget and could use those funds for something else.

I am sure by now you see how this opportunity is different than anything else. The problem is, is it all true? Join now.

Wait, I heard about the opportunity, but I don’t see the proof, now show me your results.