TrafficM8 App

There is a nothing in the world that puts a damp on anyone’s journey than having to be stuck in traffic while trying to get from one place to destination.  Everyone has at some point wished it was possible to have a view of the route before embarking on any journey. Just to see how it looks before being stuck in the middle of a highway with no way to take an alternative route.

This is where TrafficM8 App comes in; as the new and advanced social platform that enables road users to view the status of road traffic as well as publish traffic incidents to let others know how the road traffic looks. The app allows users to see their routes before starting their journeys anywhere in the world, enabling them to choose which way to use the social platform.

The App


TrafficM8 App is a social platform allowing users to help each other avoid traffic and get to their destinations fast and safely while getting paid to do so.

Using this app, users can save their usual routes (e.g. work-home, home-school, etc. condition such), allowing them to get traffic updates and notifications from other users concerning traffic incidents along those routes. Reported incidents by other users can be viewed on a map where they are clearly shown allowing other users to see which roads have fewer episodes, and navigate via Google Maps or GPS navigation.

The app allows anyone from motorists to pedestrians and passengers, to upload traffic condition such as NO TRAFFIC, HEAVY TRAFFIC, BAD WEATHER and/or MAJOR ACCIDENT.  As long as one can see it (incident), is where it is, and has the app, anyone can alert others.

Users socialize with other users by inviting friends/mates through social media to help grow the community.    Once a user has invited others, the user gets rewarded for invitees that join the member service. Points are rewarded to users for their traffic report uploads as well as friends/mates invites, while cash is also paid monthly for the invited mates.   The higher the number of points you have accumulated through the publishing traffic status, the higher the cash pay rate. One thing that stands out is that, the payout for invited mates is NOT once off, it is ongoing every month.

At the moment, TrafficM8 App is used by many users around the world to get accurate traffic updates supplied by other users.

The little extra money users can make on the side through simply inviting others to use the app doesn’t hurt either.  Getting paid just for stating how traffic looks is the easiest extra income one can make monthly.  Especially with the easiest of ways one can invite people to join from all over the world using social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc; one can easily get throusands of mates to join, and make a good extra income in cash.

TrafficM8 is vailable now in the Playstore: