The Most Unique Men’s Belt In The World – R.G.B.’s INDIEGOGO Debut Surprised Everyone

Unraveling the opportunity for one to avail the top class cow skin made a belt for men; RGB has become the first choice for many.

No one from R.G.B. expects the success is coming so fast. Within 12 hours, they reached 100% of their goal, and the numbers are still growing. Let’s unveil the secrets of R.G.B.


Many people suffer from having a belt that does not fit perfectly or is not ideal for carrying heavy things on a regular basis. In a bid to put an end to all such worries, Lance W takes the effort to launch a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO for the purpose of bringing out RGB which is a unique belt for men in the world. Crafted to last for decades, Ratchet Gun Belt has been designed in compliance with the top quality materials and unsurpassed quality craftsmanship. Being available in four varieties i.e. Mamba, Condor, Cobra, CA King or Vipe, this belt is undoubtedly easy to use and comes with a durable buckle. The unique spirit that they look forward to offering in this best quality belt has its root in the traditional way of crafting things by hand.

Unraveling the rejuvenating opportunity for one to experience the revolutionary masterpiece in the belt industry, they have designed this belt in such a manner that it can use as dress belt or gun belt. Bringing style and comfort together, this belt has been manufactured with the top 5% of the cow skin. The proven quality of this EDC (Every Day Carry)/CCW is second to none.

The unique formulation of the polymer reinforcement layer enables one to carry a broad range of objects irrespective of their weight. The ratchet system has been intended to support any waist size up to 48” regular and up to 60” long just with a click. By backing this project with $19 ($20 off MSRP), one can easily get one RGB black or silver buckle with a deep discount. The contribution of $79 ($40 off MSPR) will help one to get RGB belt and a buckle with early bird discount. One can also get two sets of RGB belts and two buckles by contributing $149 ($90 off MSRP) to this crowd funding project. Offering 100% customer satisfaction with the product, they also offer a limited lifetime warranty on the product.

About R.G.B.:

R.G.B. i.e. Ratchet Gun Belt is a unique belt for men in the globe that has made in compliance with the top 5% of the cow skin.

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