Vets In 3D Celebrates Woman Owned Business Certification

Vets In 3D, a 3D design and printing enterprise founded by Army veteran and Michigan  Veterinarian Dr. Turnera Croom, celebrates certification by Great Lakes Women’s Business Council. This past Veteran’s Day 2016, also marks one year in business for this STEM start-up.

November 19th, 2016 – Last Friday, Veterans Day, gave thanks to the great bravery and sacrifice of United States troops. To celebrate this nearly one-hundred-year-old tradition, businesses everywhere gave veterans free or discounted meals. But this annual federal holiday means something extra to Dr. Turnera Croom, a veterinary entrepreneur and a Black veteran of the elite Army Veterinary Corps. One year ago, Dr. Croom launched her Michigan business, Vets In 3D, a 3D printing and design company, and is proud to be celebrating a successful year in business in which she gained certification as a Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) while she honors those who have served.

Vets In 3D Celebrates Woman Owned Business Certification

The company itself focuses on applying the recently improved technology of 3D printing to help teach and accept others. Vets In 3D produces a variety of 3D printed models, the most popular of which is a pair of custom-made dog tags. These commemorative tags are perfect for honoring any loved one, whether they are living or lost. The pair of dog tags features customized text on each tag and can be 3D printed in any two colors of the client’s choosing. This level of customization allows Vets In 3D to create something truly personal with original meaning. Other unique products include veterinary animal models, small business promotional items, keychains, pet products, jewelry and more.

But Dr. Croom refuses to let her technical veterinarian skills sit idly by. She puts her veterinary teaching skills to use while incorporating 3D printing techniques when she presents her STEM-based courses. Dr. Croom runs several workshops in which she teaches everything from the basics of laboratory animal veterinary science to how exotic animal veterinarians care for wildlife and zoo animals. To provide an entry point to the field while keeping her workshops hands on, Dr. Croom uses 3D-printed, dissected models of animals in her classes. These models can be realistically sized and are made of flexible materials to represent real animal cadavers better. Through the blending of equipment design and veterinary education Dr. Croom’s business, Vets In 3D has been hugely successful in this first year and Dr. Croom plans to continue educating and producing beautiful products.

Vets In 3D Celebrates Woman Owned Business Certification

About Vets In 3D

Vets In 3D was founded a year ago by local Michigan veterinarian Dr. Turnera Croom on Veteran’s Day, November 11th, 2015. The business is 100% veteran-owned and located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. There, Dr. Croom works to provide Veterinary and Animal Science education through programs geared towards disadvantaged and minority Kalamazoo Public School students. To make the most of the Kalamazoo Promise, sometimes children only need to see and learn from a professional Doctor that looks like them.

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