Virginia-Based Company Launches World’s First Doctor-Recommended Reading Assistance App – “EZ Reader, Digital Reading Glasses”

Hampton, VA: May 20th, 2016, Dity Apps, a tech startup that develops mobile applications and games have released EZ Reader, the world’s first doctor-recommended digital reading glasses. The app, which is now available as a free download for both Android and iPhone devices, assists users with reading the fine print. EZ Reader requires no additional hardware and can remove the need to carry traditional reading glasses or other reading devices.

Noted Ophthalmologist Lindley T. Smith M.D., has called EZ Reader a “truly life-changing piece of technology” and recommends the app as an alternative to over-the-counter reading glasses. With EZ Reader, users can increase focus, clarity and, most importantly, readability of any printed text. Users can also engage a “reading light” feature which turns the bulb in their phone’s camera flash into a consistent light source for their text. This makes tasks like reading a menu in a dim restaurant or a book in bed more convenient.


Hundreds of millions of people around the world purchase new glasses each year and even more struggle with poor or diminishing vision due to eye-strain, illness or age. EZ Reader can now act as a free and easy-to-use alternative to reading glasses, magnifiers or other devices for many of these people.

“The best technology is simple. Technology should feel intuitive and solve real problems. That’s exactly what EZ Reader does” said Dity Apps Co-Founder and CCO Jai Manselle.  “My entire life, I have seen people, my family members included, struggle with reading small text. They hate having to carry a special pair of glasses around. We knew there had to be a better way. So we started creating one. Now, here we are.”


Dity Apps is a technology development company that specializes in mobile app development, website creation, and business software. The company was co-founded by CEO JarMarcus King, a military veteran and government contractor with a successful track record in information technology and logistics. Co-Founder, CCO Jai Manselle is a renowned brand consultant who has previously spearheaded high-profile projects in marketing and technology, including acting as Director for the #1 charting iPhone game Bike Life. Dity Apps is located in Hampton, Virginia and is chaired by former Verizon Mid-Atlantic Vice President B.K. Fulton, a Smithsonian Computerworld Technology Laureates Medal recipient.