WENDU – Control your climate, Wear the Future

Leveraging technology for your comfort

Wendu is a uniquely innovative piece of apparel making a revolutionary break into the world of wearable technology. At its core, it is a shirt that can be temperature regulated with your phone, tablet, or smartwatch so anytime you feel hot; you can opt for it to cool and anytime it’s too cold, you can make it warm!

Hot or cold, you remain at ease at all times!

With the help of thermal conduction technology, Wendu became a reality. With a working range of 20 degrees Celsius/ 36 Fahrenheit, Wendu can switch temperatures from 15 to 35 degrees Celsius in just a couple of minutes – that means you can be completely comfortable in just a few minutes! You may not be able to control the weather around you but with Wendu, you can maintain the optimal temperature at your comfort and ease.

Wendu – keeping you warm, keeping you fresh

Wendu has been optimized not only for comfort but also durability and user’s convenience. The wearable tech product features a powerful battery that can last up to 5 days on a single charge. The shirt is also easy to care for, being washable and completely reusable. All in all, Wendu is much like any shirt you love – comfortable and high quality, but with the bonus of being able to keep you warm and cool as you please!

Team Members

The creators behind Wendu are an innovative bunch of tech geeks who are always looking forward when it comes to technology. With Wendu, they envision a lot of applications, ranging from everyday use for people to different healthcare applications. In the future, they also hope to make Wendu submersible for water consumption.